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1 A Biographical Note on Francis Thompson  silverquill PL OK
2 Dedication of Poems/Dedication of New Poems  silverquill PL OK
3 POEMS ON CHILDREN: Daisy  bluechien PL OK
4 The Poppy  bluechien PL OK
5 To Monica Thought Dying  bluechien PL OK
6 The Making of Viola [duet]  bluechien NemoR PL OK
7 To My Godchild  DrPGould PL OK
8 Ex Ore Infantium  kimgibbs PL OK
9 FROM SISTER SONGS: A Child's Kiss  JamesOregon91 PL OK
10 Poet and Anchorite  RajVO PL OK
11 The Omen  gauguin PL OK
12 The Mirage  spiritualbeing PL OK
13 The Child-Woman  JanisHopkins PL OK
14 To a Child Heard Repeating Her Mother's Verses  JanisHopkins PL OK
15 A Foretelling of the Child's Husband  JanisHopkins PL OK
16 LOVE IN DIAN'S LAP: Before her Portrait in Youth  JamesOregon91 PL OK
17 To a Poet Breaking Silence  DrPGould PL OK
18 A Carrier Song  automatonlexicon PL OK
19 Her Portrait  AnnikeLindhout PL OK
20 Epilogue to the Poet's Sitter  DrPGould PL OK
21 After Her Going  JanisHopkins PL OK
23 The Hound of Heaven  silverquill PL OK
24 To the Dead Cardinal of Westminster  DrPGould PL OK
25 A Dead Astronomer  brucek PL OK
26 A Corymbus for Autumn,  DrPGould PL OK
27 From "The Mistress of Vision"  NemoR PL OK
28 The After Woman  philchenevert PL OK
29 Lines: To W.M.  brucek PL OK
30 The Way of a Maid  elizaswann PL OK
31 Ode to the Setting Sun,  DrPGould PL OK
32 Epilogue to "A Judgement in Heaven"  DrPGould PL OK
33 Grace of the Way  Jude1972 PL OK
34 To a Snowflake  Jude1972 PL OK
35 Orient Ode  gauguin PL OK
36 From "From the Night of Forebeing"  gauguin PL OK
37 A Counsel of Moderation  brucek PL OK
38 From "Assumpta Maria"  DrPGould PL OK
39 From "An Anthem of Earth"  NemoR PL OK
40 Contemplation  DrPGould PL OK
41 Correlated Greatness  brucek PL OK
42 July Fugitive  Jude1972 PL OK
43 From "Any Saint"  pschempf PL OK
44 From "The Victorian Ode"  DrPGould PL OK
45 St Monica  brucek PL OK
46 To the Sinking Sun  brucek PL OK
47 Dream-Tryst  Babilfrenzo PL OK
48 Buona Notte  emmacharliebrowning PL OK
49 Arab Love Song  emmacharliebrowning PL OK
50 The Kingdom of God  silverquill PL OK
51 Envoy  brucek PL OK
52 Appreciations of Francis Thompson  silverquill PL OK