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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Sawmill on the Lesque  MrsHand PL OK
2 An Interesting Suggestion  MrsHand PL OK
3 The Start of the Cruise  MrsHand PL OK
4 A Commercial Proposition  MrsHand PL OK
5 The Visit of the "Girondin"  MrsHand PL OK
6 A Change of Venue  MrsHand PL OK
7 The Ferriby Depot  MrsHand PL OK
8 The Unloading of the "Girondin"  MrsHand PL OK
9 The Second Cargo  MrsHand PL OK
10 Merriman Becomes Desperate  MrsHand PL OK
11 An Unexpected Ally  MrsHand PL OK
12 Murder!  MrsHand PL OK
13 A Promising Clue  MrsHand PL OK
14 A Mystifying Discovery  MrsHand PL OK
15 Inspector Willis Listens In  MrsHand PL OK
16 The Secret of the Syndicate  MrsHand PL OK
17 "Archer Plants Stuff"  MrsHand PL OK
18 The Bordeaux Lorries  MrsHand PL OK
19 Willis Spreads His Net  MrsHand PL OK
20 The Double Cross  MrsHand PL OK