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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Jack-Knife Man  Roger PL OK
2 Peter's Guests  Roger PL OK
3 Peter Lodges Out  Roger PL OK
4 The Scarlet Woman  Roger PL OK
5 Buddy Steers the Boat  Roger PL OK
6 'Booge'  Roger PL OK
7 Rivals  Roger PL OK
8 Peter Gives Warning  Roger PL OK
9 A Violent Incident  Roger PL OK
10 Peter Hears News  Roger PL OK
11 The Return of 'Old Kazoozer'  Roger PL OK
12 Aunt Jane  Roger PL OK
13 A Ray of Hope  Roger PL OK
14 An Encounter  Roger PL OK
15 Jail Uncles  Roger PL OK
16 Funny Cats  Roger PL OK
17 More Funny Cats  Roger PL OK
18 Peter Goes to Town  Roger PL OK
19 Peter Gets His Clock  Roger PL OK