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1 Ch. 1: Introduction  pnagami PL OK
2 Ch. 2: The Empire in 476  pnagami PL OK
3 Ch. 3: The Rise of Theodoric  pnagami PL OK
4 Ch. 4: The Gothic Kingdom in Italy  pnagami PL OK
5 Ch. 5: The Rise of the Franks  pnagami PL OK
6 Ch. 6: Justinian  pnagami PL OK
7 Ch. 7: Benedict of Nursia and Columban  pnagami PL OK
8 Ch. 8: The Rise of Mohammedanism  pnagami PL OK
9 Ch. 9: The Lombards in Italy and the Rise of the Papacy  pnagami PL OK
10 Ch. 10: The Mayors of the Palace  pnagami PL OK
11 Ch. 11: Charles Martel  pnagami PL OK
12 Ch. 12: Pippin, King of the Franks  pnagami PL OK
13 Ch. 13: The Pope, the Lombards and the Franks  pnagami PL OK
14 Ch. 14: The Iconoclastic Emperors  pnagami PL OK
15 Ch. 15: Charles the Great and the Lombard Kingdom  pnagami PL OK
16 Ch. 16: The Saxon Wars  pnagami PL OK
17 Ch. 17: Charles, King of the Franks  pnagami PL OK
18 Ch. 18: Carolus Imperator  pnagami PL OK
19 Ch. 19: Law and Administration in the Empire  pnagami PL OK
20 Ch. 20: Alcuin and the Revival of Learning. John Scotus  pnagami PL OK
21 Ch. 21: The Charlemagne of Romance  pnagami PL OK
22 Ch. 22: The Reign of Louis the Pious  pnagami PL OK
23 Ch. 23: The Break-up of the Carolingian Empire  pnagami PL OK
24 Ch. 24: The Norsemen, the Saracens and the Magyars  pnagami PL OK
25 Ch. 25: The Dark Ages  pnagami PL OK