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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Camp  ajackson PL OK
2 What Frightened the Pack Mules  ajackson PL OK
3 When the Foxes Took to the Trees  kennyg PL OK
4 Bumpus Takes a Chance  kennyg PL OK
5 The Missing Tenderfoot  kennyg PL OK
6 Forced to Think for Himself  declanreads PL OK
7 Turning the Tables  declanreads PL OK
8 A Scout Should Always be on the Alert  kennyg PL OK
9 The Mean Trick of the Timber Cruisers  kennyg PL OK
10 The Bob-Cat  kennyg PL OK
11 Bumpus' Stock Above Par  kennyg PL OK
12 The Swoop of the Storm  kennyg PL OK
13 The Bolt of Lightning  ajackson PL OK
14 Step Hen Looks Out for the Provisions  ajackson PL OK
15 Through the Big Timber Again  ajackson PL OK
16 The Snake Bite  ajackson PL OK
17 More Trouble Ahead  Shasta PL OK
18 Still in Pursuit, With the Trail Getting Warmer  Shasta PL OK
19 Another Shock  Shasta PL OK
20 Find Out How Bumpus Did It  Shasta PL OK
21 Caught in a Trap  Shasta PL OK
22 The Cripple Business Seems to be Contagious  Shasta PL OK
23 The Way Blocked  Shasta PL OK
24 The 'Little Lightning'  ajackson PL OK
25 'Catching a Tartar' and a Fat One at That  ajackson PL OK
26 'Tenderfoot? Well, Hardly, After This'  kennyg PL OK
27 Well-Earned Rest--Conclusion  kennyg PL OK