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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Chapter I: A Vision of the Night  WiltedScribe 11:56 Listen PL OK
2 Chapter II: The Woman Who Came through the Window  WiltedScribe 18:47 Listen PL OK
3 Chapter III: The Conquest of Mrs. Peddar  WiltedScribe 12:00 Listen PL OK
4 Chapter IV: Dr. Hume  WiltedScribe 18:05 Listen PL OK
5 Chapter V: A Curious Case  WiltedScribe Assigned
6 Chapter VI: The Doctor Accuses  WiltedScribe Assigned
7 Chapter VII: The Suspicions of Mr. Morley  WiltedScribe Assigned
8 Chapter VIII: The Recognition of the Photograph  WiltedScribe Assigned
9 Chapter IX: The Revelations of 'Mr. George Withers'  WiltedScribe Assigned
10 Chapter X: Where Miss Moore was Going  WiltedScribe Assigned
11 Chapter XI: In the One Room—and the Other  WiltedScribe Assigned
12 Chapter XII: What was on the Bed  WiltedScribe Assigned
13 Chapter XIII: She and I  WiltedScribe Assigned
14 Chapter XIV: He and I  WiltedScribe Assigned
15 Chapter XV: The Letter  WiltedScribe Assigned
16 Chapter XVI: My Persuasive Manner  WiltedScribe Assigned
17 Chapter XVII: My Unpersuasive Manner  WiltedScribe Assigned
18 Chapter XVIII: I am Called  WiltedScribe Assigned
19 Chapter XIX: I Leave the Court  WiltedScribe Assigned
20 Chapter XX: A Journey to Nowhere  WiltedScribe Assigned
21 Chapter XXI: A Check at the Start  WiltedScribe Assigned
22 Chapter XXII: A Miracle  WiltedScribe Assigned
23 Chapter XXIII: In the Passage  WiltedScribe Assigned
24 Chapter XXIV: In the Room  WiltedScribe Assigned
25 Chapter XXV: The Goddess  WiltedScribe Assigned
26 Chapter XXVI: The Legacy of the Scarlet Hands  WiltedScribe Assigned