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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Instead of a Preface  NemoR PL OK
1 Nocturne  NemoR PL OK
2 Why Do I Love Thee?  NemoR PL OK
3 Why Do I Not Love Thee?  NemoR PL OK
4 Drifting Flowers of the Sea  NemoR PL OK
5 Immaculate Conception  NemoR PL OK
6 A Triloet  NemoR PL OK
7 Parfum Des Fleurs  NemoR PL OK
8 Twilight Hours  NemoR PL OK
9 Tanka  NemoR PL OK
10 Dawn Flowers  NemoR PL OK
11 To the ‘Flat Iron’  NemoR PL OK
12 As The Lindens Shiver in Autumn Dreams  NemoR PL OK
13 Love by The Sea  NemoR PL OK
14 Sweet Are The Dreams on the Breeze-Blown Strand  NemoR PL OK
15 The Pirate  NemoR PL OK