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1 Message From the Director  BeauWood PL OK
2 Rights and Responsibilities of US Citizens  BettyB PL OK
3 Patriotic Anthems: Star Spangled Banner  BettyB PL OK
4 America the Beautiful & God Bless America  mlee PL OK
5 I Hear America Singing & Concord Hymn  pschempf PL OK
6 The New Colossus & Flag of the United States of America  mlee PL OK
7 Pledge of Allegiance, Great Seal of the United States & Motto of the United States  mdatcher PL OK
8 Presidential and Historical Speeches: George Washington  mdatcher PL OK
9 First Inaugural Address & Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln  BettyB PL OK
10 The Four Freedoms—Franklin D. Roosevelt & Inaugural Address—John F. Kennedy  BettyB PL OK
11 I Have a Dream—Martin Luther King, Jr. & Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate—Ronald Reagan  mlee PL OK
12 Documents of American Democracy & The Mayflower Compact  mlee PL OK
13 The Declaration of Independence  CamMilne PL OK
14 The Federalist Papers & The Constitution of the United States  mlee PL OK
15 The Bill of Rights & Emancipation Proclamation  mlee PL OK
16 Landmark Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court  mdatcher PL OK
17 Marbury v. Madison  mdatcher PL OK
18 Plessy v. Ferguson  mdatcher PL OK
19 West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette  mdatcher PL OK
20 Brown v. Board of Education  mdatcher PL OK
21 Presidential Statements on Citizenship and Immigration  BettyB PL OK
22 Prominent Foreign-Born Americans  BettyB PL OK
23 Acknowledgements  BettyB PL OK