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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Chapter I The Greshams of Greshamsbury  NKWhitley PL OK
2 Chapter II Long, Long Ago  NKWhitley PL OK
3 Chapter III Dr Thorne  NKWhitley PL OK
4 Chapter IV Lessons from Courcy Castle  NKWhitley PL OK
5 Chapter V Frank Gresham's First Speech  NKWhitley PL OK
6 Chapter VI Frank Gresham's Early Loves  NKWhitley PL OK
7 Chapter VII The Doctor's Garden  NKWhitley PL OK
8 Chapter VIII Matrimonial Prospects  NKWhitley PL OK
9 Chapter IX Sir Roger Scatcherd  NKWhitley PL OK
10 Chapter XIII The Two Uncles  NKWhitley PL OK
11 Chapter X Sir Roger's Will  NKWhitley PL OK
12 Chapter XI The Doctor Drinks His Tea  NKWhitley PL OK
13 Chapter XII When Greek Meets Greek, Then Comes the Tug of War  NKWhitley PL OK
14 Chapter XIV Sentence of Exile  NKWhitley PL OK
15 Chapter XV Courcy  NKWhitley PL OK
16 Chapter XVI Miss Dunstable  NKWhitley PL OK
17 Chapter XVII The Election  NKWhitley PL OK
18 Chapter XVIII The Rivals  NKWhitley PL OK
19 XIX The Duke of Omnium  NKWhitley PL OK
20 XX The Proposal  NKWhitley PL OK
21 XXI Mr Moffat Falls into Trouble  NKWhitley PL OK
22 XXII Sir Roger is Unseated  NKWhitley PL OK
23 XXIII Retrospective  NKWhitley PL OK
24 XXIV Louis Scatcherd  NKWhitley PL OK
25 XXV Sir Roger Dies  NKWhitley PL OK
26 XXVI War  NKWhitley PL OK
27 XXVII Miss Thorne Goes on a Visit  NKWhitley PL OK
28 XXVIII The Doctor Hears Something to His Advantage  NKWhitley PL OK
29 XXIX The Donkey Ride  NKWhitley PL OK
30 XXX Post Prandial  NKWhitley PL OK
31 XXXI The Small End of the Wedge  NKWhitley PL OK
32 XXXII Mr. Oriel  NKWhitley PL OK
33 XXXIII A Morning Visit  NKWhitley PL OK
34 XXXIV A Barouche and Four Arrives at Greshamsbury  NKWhitley PL OK
35 XXXV Sir Louis Goes Out to Dinner  NKWhitley PL OK
36 XXXVI Will He Come Again?  NKWhitley PL OK
37 XXXVII Sir Louis Leaves Greshamsbury  NKWhitley PL OK
38 XXXVIII De Courcy Precepts and de Courcy Practice  NKWhitley PL OK
39 XXXIX What the World Says about Blood  NKWhitley PL OK
40 XL The Two Doctors Change Patients  NKWhitley PL OK
41 XLI Dr, Thorne Won't Interfere  NKWhitley PL OK
42 XLII What Can You Give in Return?  NKWhitley PL OK
43 The Race of Scatcherd Becomes Extinct  NKWhitley PL OK
44 XLIV Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning  NKWhitley PL OK
45 XLV. Law Business in London  NKWhitley PL OK
46 XLVI. Our Pet Fox Finds a Tail  NKWhitley PL OK
47 XLVII. How the Bride Was Received, and Who Were Asked to the Wedding  NKWhitley PL OK