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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 A Fish Supper  DannahDino PL OK
2 The Smuggler  DannahDino PL OK
3 Dreams  DannahDino PL OK
4 Going to Market  DannahDino PL OK
5 The Night After  DannahDino PL OK
6 Before Dawn  DannahDino PL OK
7 Departure  DannahDino PL OK
8 Arrival in Paris  DannahDino PL OK
9 Mademoiselle Beslin  DannahDino PL OK
10 Clothilde  DannahDino PL OK
11 A New Idea  DannahDino PL OK
12 Signing the Contract  DannahDino PL OK
13 Her First Appearance  DannahDino PL OK
14 Luciane  DannahDino PL OK
15 He Comes!  DannahDino PL OK
16 The Painter  MonikaR PL OK
17 The Portrait  MonikaR PL OK
18 The Studio  MonikaR PL OK
19 How Pictures are Made  MonikaR PL OK
20 A New Aspirant  MonikaR PL OK
21 Wars and Rumors of Wars  DannahDino PL OK
22 Quarrels and Insults  DannahDino PL OK
23 Hopes  DannahDino PL OK
24 A Surprise  DannahDino PL OK
25 Luciane's Letter  DannahDino PL OK
26 The Return  DannahDino PL OK
27 Home Again  DannahDino PL OK
28 At Last  DannahDino PL OK