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1 Address in Independence Hall, Philadelphia. February 22, 1861  mlee PL OK
2 A Critique of Mencken's The American Language  VfkaBT PL OK
3 Demonstration that Planets Move In Ellipses  Availle PL OK
4 Descartes' Proof of God (1700-1701)  Soupy PL OK
5 Fruit Soups  MillionMoments PL OK
6 A Letter on Pear Tree Blight  MillionMoments PL OK
7 Lorenzo de'Medici Rules in Florence Zenith of Florentine Glory (A.D. 1469)  VfkaBT PL OK
8 Mount Everest, The Route to the Summit  pschempf PL OK
9 Native Bees  Sue Anderson PL OK
10 Neither Dorking Nor the Abbey: A Tribute to George Meredith  Lynnet PL OK
11 On the Theme of Substance: Description of a Grain of Wheat  MillionMoments PL OK
12 Panegyric on Abraham  Soupy PL OK
13 Proclamation for a Day of Thanksgiving. October 3, 1863  mlee PL OK
14 The Shrine of St. Edmund  MillionMoments PL OK
15 Stirring Times in Austria, Part 1  williamjones PL OK
16 Stirring Times in Austria, Part 2  williamjones PL OK
17 A Thanksgiving Sermon, Part 1  msfry PL OK
18 A Thanksgiving Sermon, Part 2  msfry PL OK
19 The Training of a Sovereign, Extract on the Theme of "Love"  MillionMoments PL OK
20 The Voyage of the Mayflower  mlee PL OK