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1 Chapter One  neecheelok70 40:16 Listen PL OK
2 Chapter Two, part 1  neecheelok70 40:58 Listen PL OK
3 Chapter Two, part 2  neecheelok70 37:11 Listen PL OK
4 Chapter Three  neecheelok70 39:43 Listen PL OK
5 Chapter Four  neecheelok70 48:08 Listen PL OK
6 Chapter Five  neecheelok70 41:11 Listen PL OK
7 Chapter Six  neecheelok70 24:41 Listen PL OK
8 Chapter Seven  neecheelok70 27:00 Listen PL OK
9 Chapter Eight, part 1  neecheelok70 31:24 Listen PL OK
10 Chapter Eight, part 2  neecheelok70 24:52 Listen PL OK
11 Chapter Nine  neecheelok70 40:30 Listen PL OK
12 Chapter Ten  neecheelok70 16:53 Listen PL OK
13 Chapter Eleven  neecheelok70 43:42 Listen PL OK
14 Chapter Twelve  neecheelok70 47:58 Listen PL OK
15 Chapter Thirteen  neecheelok70 30:37 Listen PL OK
16 Chapter Fourteen  neecheelok70 27:34 Listen PL OK
17 Chapter Fifteen, part 1  neecheelok70 4,200 - Stella and the Midshipmen sail for Jamaica in the Sarah Jane—Voyage—Arrival—Jack’s delight at recovering Tom—Stella goes to the Bradshaws—Higson promoted—The Plantagenet and Tudor sail for Carthagena—They quickly settle all difficulties—Proceed to the Mosquito shore—Boat expedition up the San Juan de Nicaragua Assigned
18 Chapter Fifteen, part 2  neecheelok70 3,900 - Night encampment—Visit of a puma—A chase—Scenery of the river—Birds and monkeys—Voyage continued—An unpleasant bed on an anthill—Approaching the enemy—A sad accident—Alarm—The captain attempts to rescue the drowning men—Does not return. Assigned
19 Chapter Sixteen  neecheelok70 5,400 - The captain’s return—Boats approach the fort—Assailed on all sides—Hot fire—Passing the fort—Archy wounded—The landing—Fort attacked—Needham hauls down the flag—Enemy put to flight—The pursuit—Fall of Commander Babbicome—Prisoners captured—Fort destroyed—Re-embark—Passage down the river—Sail for Jamaica—Death of Commander Babbicome—Funeral—Murray promoted—Hastens to Saint David’s. Assigned
20 Chapter Seventeen  neecheelok70 6,600 - Jack Rogers in command of the Supplejack—Alick’s letter to Jack—The Caymans—Shoal of turtle—Dolphins—Chases a slaver—Havannah—Scenes on shore—Slavers in harbour—Polite invitation from a slave-dealer—Jack accepts it—The Venus slips out of harbour. Assigned
21 Chapter Eighteen, part 1  neecheelok70 4,200 - Chase of the Venus—A tornado—Jack again sights her—Captures her and two more—Sails for Port Royal—A suspicious stranger—A prize despatched for assistance—Attacked—Hard pressed—Prisoners break loose Assigned
22 Chapter Eighteen, part 2  neecheelok70 5,000 - The corvette appears in the nick of time—Fall in with the frigate—Adair’s account of the way the slavers had done them. Assigned
23 Chapter Nineteen, part 1  neecheelok70 4,500 - The Tudor and Supplejack at Trinidad—Jack’s account of his trip up the Orinoco—The vice-consul and his belongings—A knowing pilot—Tom bit by a turtle—Tortoises—The brig among the trees Assigned
24 Chapter Nineteen, part 2  neecheelok70 5,400 - Spider’s attempt to escape—The midshipmen go in chase and lose themselves—Boarded by ants—Nearly take the brig—Search for the midshipmen in the forest—A native habitation—Angostura and its people—Land the consul and his better half—Return. Assigned
25 Chapter Twenty, part 1  neecheelok70 4,600 - The corvette and brig part company—The former chases a suspicious sail—Captures a full slaver—Adair in charge Assigned
26 Chapter Twenty, part 2  neecheelok70 3,600 - Takes prize to Bahia—An important warning—Preparations for an attack—Anecdote of Lieutenant Wasey—The slave-dealers attempt to retake the prize—Gallant defence—Enemy defeated—The Supplejack appears in good time. Assigned
27 Chapter Twenty One, part 1  neecheelok70 5,600 - Rio—Expedition up the harbour—Yarns spun—Higson and the midshipmen captured by slave-dealers—Imprisoned Assigned
28 Chapter Twenty One, part 2  neecheelok70 5,200 - Tried—A friend in need—Sent back to prison—Escape—Pursued—Jack as usual appears—Again at sea—Chase a slaver—Run over her at night. Assigned
29 Chapter Twenty Two  neecheelok70 6,200 - An American skipper gives important information—Jack leads a boat attack on a slaver in the Rio Frio—Capture—Slaver blown up—The Supplejack exposed to a hot fire—The corvette and brig in the harbour of Paranagua—Slavers attacked—Several prizes made—Fired at from the shore—Engagement with a fort—Prizes destroyed—Carry one off—A man overboard—Picked up—His hair turns white. Assigned
30 Chapter Twenty Three  neecheelok70 6,000 - Up the Parana—Murray’s forebodings—Battle of Punta Obligado—Attacked by fireships—Schooner blows up—Jack and Murray perform a gallant exploit—Murray wounded—The batteries stormed—Tom and Gerald carried off by Gauchos. Assigned
31 Chapter Twenty Four  neecheelok70 5,900 - Efforts made to recover the midshipmen—Murray sails for England—An offer from a native to recover the midshipmen—The fleet ascends the Parana—The Supplejack sent in search of the enemy’s vessels—Chases a schooner up a river—Needham caught in a trap—Boat expedition—Schooner blows up, and Jack is blown up with her—Return—No news of the midshipmen—The Supplejack commences voyage up the Parana. Assigned
32 Chapter Twenty Five  neecheelok70 4,200 - The Supplejack proceeds up the Parana—Fired at from the shore—Meet with friendly natives—José goes in search of the midshipmen—Returns with tidings of them—José left behind—The brig sails on—Fired at from the shore—Passing batteries under a heavy fire—The brig frequently struck—Several people killed and wounded—Gets clear at last. Assigned
33 Chapter Twenty Six  neecheelok70 6,500 - The midshipmen seen on the shore—A boat sent from the brig—The enemy appear on the cliffs and open fire—The brig returns it—The midshipmen rescued—The brig gets clear of the enemy—Tom recounts his and Gerald’s adventures. Assigned
34 Chapter Twenty Seven  neecheelok70 3,200 - The Supplejack reaches Baxada de Santa Fé—Plans for the protection of the fleet when returning—A night expedition to survey an island—Alarm—Magnificent exploit—Rocket battery peppers the batteries of San Lorenzo to some effect—Squadron passes unharmed—Escape of the boat—Monte Video reached. Assigned
35 Chapter Twenty Eight  neecheelok70 3,700 - Letter from Murray—Jack’s reply—The Supplejack ordered home—The voyage—A gale—Long Tom’s burial—A wreck seen and boarded—Stella and her friends rescued—Arrival in England—Murray’s anxiety relieved—The fate of the Supplejack—Murray’s wedding—Jack awakes from his dream—A visit to Ballymacree—Jack caught at last—Conclusion. Assigned