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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Introduction   note Open
2 Sir Patrick Spens   Open
3 Battle of Otterbourne   Open
4 Tam Lin  adonis 12.04 Listen PL OK
5 Thomas the Rhymer  adonis 5.34 Listen PL OK
6 Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter   Open
7 Son Davie! Son Davie!   Open
8 The Wife of Usher’s Well  adonis 3.00 Listen PL OK
9 The Twa Corbies  adonis 1.41 Listen PL OK
10 The Bonnie Earl Moray   Open
11 Clerk Saunders   Open
12 Waly, Waly   Open
13 Love Gregor, or, the Lass of Lochroyan   Open
14 The Queen’s Marie   Open
15 Kinmont Willie   Open
16 Jamie Telfer   Open
17 The Douglas Tragedy   Open
18 The Bonny Hind   Open
19 Young Bicham   Open
20 The Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman   Open
21 The Bonnie House o’ Airly   Open
22 Rob Roy   Open
23 The Battle of Killie-Crankie   Open
24 Annan Water   Open
25 The Elphin Nourrice   Open
26 Cospatrick   Open
27 Johnnie Armstrang   Open
28 Edom o’ Gordon   Open
29 Lady Anne Bothwell’s Lament   Open
30 Jock o the Side   Open
31 Lord Thomas and Fair Annet   Open
32 Fair Annie   Open
33 The Dowie Dens of Yarrow   Open
34 Sir Roland   Open
35 Rose the Red and White Lily   Open
36 The Battle of Harlaw - Evergreen Version   Open
37 Traditionary Version   Open
38 Dickie Macphalion   Open
39 A Lyke-Wake Dirge  adonis 2.27 Listen PL OK
40 The Laird of Waristoun   Open
41 May Colven  adonis 3.25 Listen PL OK
42 Johnie Faa   Open
43 Hobbie Noble   Open
44 The Twa Sisters   Open
45 Mary Ambree   Open
46 Alison Gross   Open
47 The Heir of Lynne   Open
48 Gordon of Brackley   Open
49 Edward, Edward   Open
50 Young Benjie   Open
51 Auld Maitland   Open
52 The Broomfield Hill   Open
53 Willie’s Ladye  adonis 4.29 Listen PL OK
54 Robin Hood and the Monk   Open
55 Robin Hood and the Potter   Open
56 Robin Hood and the Butcher  aniroo Assigned