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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Bargain  TribalElder 09:32 Listen PL OK
2 Caruso  TribalElder 08:51 Listen PL OK
3 The Robbery On The Top Floor  TribalElder 17:46 Listen PL OK
4 Doodles Turns Matchmaker  TribalElder 07:31 Listen PL OK
5 Caruso And Doctor Sandy  TribalElder 06:06 Listen PL OK
6 Grandpa Moon Comes To Town  TribalElder 16:22 Listen PL OK
7 A Friend From Greece  TribalElder 08:00 Listen PL OK
8 The Strike  TribalElder 10:26 Listen PL OK
9 Thomas Fitzpatrick's Whistle  TribalElder 17:07 Listen PL OK
10 Comfort Ye, Comfort Ye My People  TribalElder Assigned
11 The Passing Of The Dancer  TribalElder Assigned
12 The Heart Of The Flatiron  TribalElder Assigned
13 Jim's Fiddle  TribalElder Assigned
14 The Letter  TribalElder Assigned
15 Hospital Days  TribalElder Assigned
16 Caruso Sings In Public  TribalElder Assigned
17 A Thunderbolt  TribalElder Assigned
18 The True-Bluest Boy  TribalElder Assigned
19 Joseph Sitnitsky Proves His Valor  TribalElder Assigned
20 Doodles And Blue, Detectives  TribalElder Assigned
21 Surprising News  TribalElder Assigned
22 The Comforting Of Eudora Fleming  TribalElder Assigned
23 The Miracle Voice  TribalElder Assigned
24 Doodles Keeps On  TribalElder Assigned
25 In Fair Harbor  TribalElder Assigned
26 Dr. Polly  TribalElder Assigned
27 Auld Lang Syne  TribalElder Assigned