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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Two Women  ToddHW PL OK
2 Magdalen - In modern Times  H4ppyKitty PL OK
3 The German Shell  2839reader PL OK
4 The Temptation  2839reader PL OK
5 The German Surgeon  Crumblekt PL OK
6 Lady Janet's Companion  Crumblekt PL OK
7 The Man is coming  Sciguyvoice PL OK
8 The Man appears  ToddHW PL OK
9 News from Mannheim  ergopony PL OK
10 A Council of Three  Leyls PL OK
11 The Dead alive  Leyls PL OK
12 Exit Julian  deongines PL OK
13 Enter Julian  deongines PL OK
14 Coming Events cast their Shadows before  deongines PL OK
15 A Woman's Remorse  deongines PL OK
16 They Meet Again  deongines PL OK
17 The Guardian Angel  ToddHW PL OK
18 The Search in the Grounds  ToddHW PL OK
19 The Evil Genius  ToddHW PL OK
20 The Policeman in Plain Clothes  Sciguyvoice PL OK
21 The Footstep in the Corridor  bookworm2575W PL OK
22 The Man in the Dining-Room  ergopony PL OK
23 Lady Janet at Bay  ergopony PL OK
24 Lady Janet's Letter  skawuczek PL OK
25 The Confession  acousticwave PL OK
26 Great Heart and Little Heart  acousticwave PL OK
27 Magdalen's Apprenticeship  Sciguyvoice PL OK
28 Sentence is Pronounced on Her  Sciguyvoice PL OK
29 The Last Trial  mrwemmick PL OK
30 Epilogue  mrwemmick PL OK