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1 CHAPTER I - The backwoods settlement--Crusoe's parentage and early history--The agonizing pains and sorrows of his puppyhood, and other interesting matters.  DianaS PL OK
2 CHAPTER II. A shooting-match and its consequences--New friends introduced to the reader--Crusoe and his mother change masters..  ajackson PL OK
3 CHAPTER III. Speculative remarks with which the reader may or may not agree--An old woman--Hopes and wishes commingled with hard facts--The dog Crusoe's education begun.  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
4 CHAPTER IV. Our hero enlarged upon--Grumps.  brianna PL OK
5 CHAPTER V. A mission of peace--Unexpected joys--Dick and Crusoe set off for the land of the Redskins, and meet with adventures by the way as a matter of course--in the wild woods.  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
6 CHAPTER VI. The great prairies of the far west--A remarkable colony discovered, and a miserable night endured.  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
7 CHAPTER VII. The "wallering" peculiarities of buffalo bulls--The first buffalo hunt and its consequences--Crusoe comes to the rescue--Pawnees discovered--A monster buffalo hunt--Joe acts the part of ambassador.  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
8 CHAPTER VIII. Dick and his friends visit the Indians and see many wonders--Crusoe, too, experiences a few surprises, and teaches Indian dogs a lesson--An Indian dandy--A foot-race.  ajackson PL OK
9 CHAPTER IX. Crusoe acts a conspicuous and humane part--A friend gained--A great feast.  ajackson PL OK
10 CHAPTER X. Perplexities--Our hunters plan their escape--Unexpected interruption--The tables turned--Crusoe mounts guard--The escape.  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
11 CHAPTER XI. Evening meditations and morning reflections--Buffaloes, badgers, antelopes, and accidents--An old bull and the wolves--"Mad tails"--Henri floored, etc.  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
12 CHAPTER XII. Wanderings on the prairie--A war party--Chased by Indians--A bold leap for life.  ajackson PL OK
13 CHAPTER XIII. Escape from Indians--A discovery--Alone in the desert.  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
14 CHAPTER XIV. Crusoe's return, and his private adventures among the Indians--Dick at a very low ebb--Crusoe saves him.  hugachris PL OK
15 CHAPTER XV. Health and happiness return--Incidents of the journey--A buffalo shot--A wild horse "creased"--Dick's battle with a mustang.  hugachris PL OK
16 CHAPTER XVI. Dick becomes a horse tamer--Resumes his journey--Charlie's doings--Misfortunes which lead to, but do not terminate in, the Rocky Mountains--A grizzly bear.  hugachris PL OK
17 CHAPTER XVII. Dick's first fight with a grizzly--Adventure with a deer--A surprise.  hugachris PL OK
18 CHAPTER XVIII. A surprise, and a piece of good news--The fur-traders--Crusoe proved, and the Peigans pursued.  ChaseLandkamer aaronwhite1977 PL OK
19 CHAPTER XIX. Adventures with the Peigans--Crusoe does good service as a discoverer--The savages outwitted--The rescue.  hugachris PL OK
20 CHAPTER XX. New plans--Our travellers join the fur-traders, and see many strange things--A curious fight--A narrow escape, and a prisoner taken.  hugachris PL OK
21 CHAPTER XXI. Wolves attack the horses, and Cameron circumvents the wolves--A bear-hunt, in which Henri shines conspicuous--Joe and the "Natter-list"--An alarm--A surprise and a capture.  hugachris PL OK
22 CHAPTER XXII. Charlie's adventures with savages and bears--Trapping life.  brianna PL OK
23 CHAPTER XXIII. Savage sports--Living cataracts--An alarm--Indians and their doings--The stampede--Charlie again  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
24 CHAPTER XXIV. Plans and prospects--Dick becomes home-sick, and Henri metaphysical--The Indians attack the camp--A blow-up.  aaronwhite1977 PL OK
25 CHAPTER XXV. Dangers of the prairie--Our travellers attacked by Indians, and delivered in a remarkable manner.  bookworm18 PL OK
26 CHAPTER XXVI. Anxious fears followed by a joyful surprise--Safe home at last, and happy hearts.  PlanZradio PL OK
27 CHAPTER XXVII. Rejoicings--The feast at the block-house--Grumps and Crusoe come out strong--The closing scene.  PlanZradio PL OK