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0 Publisher's Note and Preface  jpercival 4:29 Listen PL OK
1 The Renaissance of Rugcraft  jpercival 9:54 Listen PL OK
2 Rug Making a Home Industry  jpercival 6:38 Listen PL OK
3 Equipments and Classifications  jpercival 10:34 Listen PL OK
4 Needlewoven Rugs: Navajo Style  jpercival Assigned
5 Needlewoven Rugs: Colonial Rag Rug  jpercival Assigned
6 Knit Rugs: Historical Background  jpercival Assigned
7 Knit Rugs: Methods of Making  jpercival Assigned
8 Crocheted Rugs: Inspiration and Development  jpercival Assigned
9 Crocheted Rugs: Tool, Stitches and Mediums  jpercival Assigned
10 Rugs of Jute Yarn  jpercival Assigned
11 Tapestry Floor Coverings  jpercival Assigned
12 "Turkey Worke Carpetts"  jpercival Assigned
13 Rugs of Cross Stitch or Phrygian Work  jpercival Assigned
14 Hooked Rugs: Origin and Development  jpercival Assigned
15 Hooked Rugs: Equipment and Construction  jpercival Assigned
16 Fabric Mosaic Rugs  jpercival Assigned
17 Scalloped or Petal Rugs  jpercival Assigned
18 Quilted Rugs: Their History and Background  jpercival Assigned
19 Quilted Rugs: The Craft of the Modern Quilted Rug  jpercival Assigned
20 Felt Floor Covering  jpercival Assigned
21 Old Patchwork for New Rugs  jpercival Assigned
22 Embroidered Carpets and Rugs in Darned Stitchery  jpercival Assigned
23 Rugs of Chenille and Caterpillar Braid, Marquetry Mats  jpercival Assigned
24 Shuck or Corn-Husk Mats  jpercival Assigned
25 Sacking Mats and String Rugs  jpercival Assigned
26 Minor Rugs in Variety  jpercival Assigned
27 The Care of Rugs, Their Repair and Reconstruction  jpercival Assigned
28 Business Aspects of Rug Making  jpercival Assigned
29 Directions for Making: Window Box Rug  jpercival Assigned
30 Directions for Making: Rug Corners in Scroll Pattern  jpercival Assigned
31 Directions for Making: Ship Rug "Constitution"  jpercival Assigned
32 Directions for Making: "Cave Canem" Rug  jpercival Assigned
33 Directions for Making: "Cloisonné" Petal Rug  jpercival Assigned
34 Bibliography  jpercival Assigned
35  jpercival Assigned
36  jpercival Assigned
37  jpercival Assigned
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