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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Van Normans  Roger PL OK
2 Miss Morton Arrives  Roger PL OK
3 A Cry in the Night  Roger PL OK
4 Suicide or ----?  Roger PL OK
5 A Case for the Coroner  Roger PL OK
6 Fessenden Comes  Roger PL OK
7 Mr. Benson's Questions  Roger PL OK
8 A Soft Lead Pencil  Roger PL OK
9 The Will  Roger PL OK
10 Some Testimony  Roger PL OK
11 'I Decline to Say'  Roger PL OK
12 Dorothy Burt  Roger PL OK
13 An Interview With Cicely  Roger PL OK
14 The Carleton Household  Roger PL OK
15 Fessenden's Detective Work  Roger PL OK
16 Searching for Clues  Roger PL OK
17 Miss Morton's Statements  Roger PL OK
18 Carleton is Frank  Roger PL OK
19 The Truth About Miss Burt  Roger PL OK
20 Cicely's Flight  Roger PL OK
21 A Successful Pursuit  Roger PL OK
22 A Talk With Miss Morton  Roger PL OK
23 Fleming Stone  Roger PL OK
24 A Confession  Roger PL OK