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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  Scarlet576 2:14 Listen PL OK
1 The Naughty Girl  Scarlet576 16:04 Listen PL OK
2 Thou shalt not steal  Scarlet576 16:12 Listen PL OK
3 Letting the Cat out  Scarlet576 15:06 Listen PL OK
4 Fanny the Skipper  Scarlet576 15:21 Listen PL OK
5 Down the River  Scarlet576 14:22 Listen PL OK
6 Kate's Defection  Scarlet576 13:54 Listen PL OK
7 The Soldier's Family  Scarlet576 14:35 Listen PL OK
8 The Sick Girl  Scarlet576 15:36 Listen PL OK
9 Hope and Have  Scarlet576 17:32 Listen PL OK
10 Good out of Evil  Scarlet576 14:39 Listen PL OK
11 Patience and Pardon  Scarlet576 16:04 Listen PL OK
12 The New Home  Scarlet576 15:56 Listen PL OK
13 The Indian Massacre  Scarlet576 Assigned
14 The Indian Boy  Scarlet576 Assigned
15 The Conference  Scarlet576 Assigned
16 The Young Exiles  Scarlet576 Assigned
17 The Night Attack  Scarlet576 Assigned
18 The Visitor at the Island  Scarlet576 Assigned
19 The Indian Ambush  Scarlet576 Assigned
20 Conclusion  Scarlet576 Assigned