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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 With the French Showman  philchenevert PL OK
2 The Dog Meets a Friend  philchenevert PL OK
3 The Home of Helen and Christopher  CariJS PL OK
4 The Gypsy Dog Finds a New Home  CariJS PL OK
5 The Gypsy's Flight  Ealswythe PL OK
6 A Confidential Talk  Ealswythe PL OK
7 In the Gypsy Camp  GillH PL OK
8 Plans for a Journey  Fadster PL OK
9 Out into the Big World  GillH PL OK
10 The Sailor and the Ship  GillH PL OK
11 Gypsy's Voyage  GillH PL OK
12 In a Strange Land  GillH PL OK
13 What Gypsy Found  GillH PL OK
14 Much in Little  GillH PL OK
15 Gyspy Makes Another Mistake  Fadster PL OK
16 A Talk at Midnight  GillH PL OK
17 A Council of War  GillH PL OK
18 The March Upon the Foe  GillH PL OK
19 The Battle in the Woods  GillH PL OK
20 In Safe Harbour  GillH PL OK