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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Preface  plaidsicle 3:15 Listen PL OK
2 Carpenter's Introduction: the author and his career  plaidsicle 11 pages Assigned
3 Carpenter's Introduction: list of works by Cox  plaidsicle 4 pages Assigned
4 Carpenter's Introduction: the rhetoric of Cox  plaidsicle 11 pages Assigned
5 Dedication  plaidsicle 4:55 Listen PL OK
6 The Arte or Crafte of Rhethoryke  plaidsicle 5 pages Assigned
7 Of an Oracion Demonftratiue  plaidsicle 16 pages Assigned
8 Of an Oracion Deliberatiue  plaidsicle 5 pages Assigned
9 Of the Thyrde Kynde of Oracyons, called Judiciall  plaidsicle 16 pages Assigned
10 The Conclusion of the Author  plaidsicle 2 pages Assigned