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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Amaranth  pschempf PL OK
2 Choricos  NemoR PL OK
3 Christmas Day  WiltedScribe PL OK
4 Christmas Tears  Veggrower PL OK
5 Consider thou, O man  Kitty PL OK
6 To His Coy Mistress  k5hsj PL OK
7 Dolores  Timothy Ferguson PL OK
8 Farewell  k5hsj PL OK
9 If love make me forsworn  Kitty PL OK
10 It was not death, for I stood up  elizabeth210 PL OK
11 The Learned Collegians  Soupy PL OK
12 Life  mnlopez PL OK
13 Monotones  brucek PL OK
14 New-Year's Gifts  WiltedScribe PL OK
15 A Noiseless Patient Spider  MaykoMae PL OK
16 The Oblation  brucek PL OK
17 Only of Thee and Me  HZFerr PL OK
18 Prayer at Sunrise  pschempf PL OK
19 Retribution  Newgatenovelist PL OK
20 The Second Coming  k5hsj PL OK
21 The Shepherd's Sabbath-Song  Newgatenovelist PL OK
22 Siegfried's Sword  Newgatenovelist PL OK
23 The Singing Place  NemoR PL OK
24 The Soul's Prayer  flowerpower91 PL OK
25 The Spleen  bluechien PL OK
26 To Burns  brucek PL OK
27 To Hope  pschempf PL OK
28 To My Dear and Loving Husband  HZFerr PL OK
29 Truth and Fable  Soupy PL OK
30 The Two Bald-Heads  Soupy PL OK
31 Under Two Windows  NemoR PL OK
32 Valentine Song  HZFerr PL OK
33 Winter's Delights  WiltedScribe PL OK
34 Wounded  Kitty PL OK