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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Early Life  melpaulm PL OK
2 Service in the Civil War  melpaulm PL OK
3 Visit to the Rocky Mountains, 1867-1868  melpaulm PL OK
4 Exploration of the Colorado Canyon  melpaulm PL OK
5 Geological Survey of the Territories and Report on the Colorado Canyon  melpaulm PL OK
6 Antecedent Rivers  melpaulm PL OK
7 Geological Work  melpaulm PL OK
8 Physiographic Work  melpaulm PL OK
9 Baselevel of Erosion  melpaulm PL OK
10 Planation  melpaulm PL OK
11 Physiographic Essays  melpaulm PL OK
12 Lands of the Arid Region  melpaulm PL OK
13 The Geological Survey  melpaulm PL OK
14 Topographical Map  melpaulm PL OK
15 Reports and Folios  melpaulm PL OK
16 Irrigation Survey  melpaulm PL OK
17 Administration  melpaulm PL OK
18 Resignation from the Survey  melpaulm PL OK
19 Residence in Washington  melpaulm PL OK
20 Ethnological Work  melpaulm PL OK
21 Bureau of Ethnology  melpaulm PL OK
22 Indian Languages and Mythology  melpaulm PL OK
23 Savagery, Barbarism, and Civilization  melpaulm PL OK
24 Synthetic Essays  melpaulm PL OK
25 Mannerisms  melpaulm PL OK
26 Views on Evolution  melpaulm PL OK
27 Evolution of Music  melpaulm PL OK
28 Inductive Studies  melpaulm PL OK
29 Indian Linguistic Families  melpaulm PL OK
30 Philosophical Studies  melpaulm PL OK
31 Pentalogic Series  melpaulm PL OK
32 Truth and Error  melpaulm PL OK
33 Personal Estimates  melpaulm PL OK