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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Pantropheon  Lynnet PL OK
1 Agriculture  Lynnet PL OK
2 Cereals  Lmnei PL OK
3 Grinding of Corn  Lynnet PL OK
4 Manipulation of Flour  Lynnet PL OK
5 Frumenta  Lmnei PL OK
6 Grains : Seeds  Lmnei PL OK
7 Vegetables  Lmnei PL OK
8 Dried Vegetables  Lmnei PL OK
9 Kitchen Garden Part 1  Lynnet PL OK
10 Kitchen Garden Part 2  Lynnet PL OK
11 Plants Used in Seasoning  Lmnei PL OK
12 Fruits  Lmnei PL OK
13 Stone Fruit  Lmnei PL OK
14 Pip Fruit  Lmnei PL OK
15 Shell Fruit  Lmnei PL OK
16 Animal Food  Bill Mosley PL OK
17 Animals  sheilablunt PL OK
18 Poultry  queenk8 PL OK
19 Milk, Butter, Cheese and Eggs  Lynnet PL OK
20 Hunting  jnaudiollc PL OK
21 Feathered Game  gloriak PL OK
22 Fish part 1  Srirachabanana PL OK
23 Fish part 2  Srirachabanana PL OK
24 The Cook; The Kitchen  Jamina1 PL OK
25 Seasonings  DrPGould PL OK
26 Pastry  Lmnei PL OK
27 Water  DrPGould PL OK
28 Beverages  GillH PL OK
29 Drinking Cups  Lmnei PL OK
30 Wine; Liqueur Wine  GillH PL OK
31 Repasts  Steve PL OK
32 Variety of Repasts  Lmnei PL OK
33 The Dining Room  Lmnei PL OK
34 The Table; The Table Seats  Lmnei PL OK
35 The Servants  Lmnei PL OK
36 The Guests  Lmnei PL OK
37 The Roman Banquet  DrPGould PL OK
38 Modern Banquets  DrPGould PL OK