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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Mixed!  deongines PL OK
2 At Cheltenham  deongines PL OK
3 Gone  deongines PL OK
4 Back at School  deongines PL OK
5 Enlisted  deongines PL OK
6 Egypt  deongines PL OK
7 El-Teb  deongines PL OK
8 Tamanieb  deongines PL OK
9 The Camel Corps  deongines PL OK
10 An Unexpected Meeting  deongines PL OK
11 Abu Klea  deongines PL OK
12 Metemmeh  deongines PL OK
13 Abu Kru  deongines PL OK
14 A Slave  deongines PL OK
15 Bad News  MrsHand PL OK
16 In Disguise  MrsHand PL OK
17 A Runaway Slave  MrsHand PL OK
18 The Zareba  iromair PL OK
19 A Long Search  iromair PL OK
20 Found!  deongines PL OK
21 Home!  deongines PL OK