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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Where the Desert Meets the Nile  Delmar H Dolbier PL OK
2 Hatatcha  Lynnet PL OK
3 The Dragoman  ToddHW PL OK
4 The Treasure of the Ahtka-Ra  Lynnet PL OK
5 A Roll of Papyrus  Lynnet PL OK
6 Kara Bathes in the Nile  Lynnet PL OK
7 A Step Towards the Goal  Lynnet PL OK
8 His Grandmother's Mummy  ToddHW PL OK
9 Aneth  Ianstewart PL OK
10 Lord Cromer's Reception  DannahDino PL OK
11 Setting the Snares  Ianstewart PL OK
12 Nephthys  Ianstewart PL OK
13 The Talisman of Ahtka-Ra  jpercival PL OK
14 Rogues Ancient and Modern  jpercival PL OK
15 Winston Bey is Indignant  Ianstewart PL OK
16 Kara Threatens  DrPGould PL OK
17 Aneth Surrenders  AnomolousZipf PL OK
18 Finding a Way  MrsHand PL OK
19 The Abduction  lurcherlover PL OK
20 The Sheik Agrees  Lynnet PL OK
21 Lotus Eaters and Crocodiles  deongines PL OK
22 The Dragoman's Inspiration  2839reader PL OK
23 Mother and Daughter  2839reader PL OK
24 The Sheik Demurs  2839reader PL OK
25 The Bronze Bolts  AnomolousZipf PL OK
26 The Dragoman Wins  Lynnet PL OK