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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Blowing Bubbles  astaplesnerd PL OK
2 Infant Faith  astaplesnerd PL OK
3 Patty Proud  astaplesnerd PL OK
4 I caught a Bird  astaplesnerd PL OK
5 The Flower of Shells and Silver Wire  astaplesnerd PL OK
6 The little Blind Boy  astaplesnerd PL OK
7 The Sale of the Water Lily  astaplesnerd PL OK
8 The Silver Birdsnest  astaplesnerd PL OK
9 The Quaker Flower  astaplesnerd PL OK
10 The Humming-Bird’s Anger  astaplesnerd PL OK
11 The Sabbath  Jude1972 PL OK
12 The departing Spirit  Jude1972 PL OK
13 Sonnet  Jude1972 PL OK
14 Father, hear  elizabeth210 PL OK
15 The Pilgrim’s Way Song  elizabeth210 PL OK
16 The rising Monument  elizabeth210 PL OK
17 A Name in the Sand  elizabeth210 PL OK
18 A Child of a Year and a Day  elizabeth210 PL OK
19 The Believer’s Mountains  elizabeth210 PL OK
20 The Night and the Morning  elizabeth210 PL OK
21 I shall be satisfied  silverquill PL OK
22 The Penitential Tear  silverquill PL OK
23 The Teachings of God  silverquill PL OK
24 The Herald’s Cry in the Desert  astaplesnerd PL OK
25 Our Father’s Well  astaplesnerd PL OK
26 The Mother’s Dream  astaplesnerd PL OK
27 The War Spirit on Bunker’s Height  astaplesnerd PL OK
28 The inner Self  astaplesnerd PL OK
29 Time  astaplesnerd PL OK
30 My Head  astaplesnerd PL OK
31 The Wheat Field  astaplesnerd PL OK
32 The little Traveller  astaplesnerd PL OK
33 The entangled Fly  silverquill PL OK
34 The Peach Blossoms  jojopandaabear PL OK
35 The broken Pipe  jojopandaabear PL OK
36 Vivy Vain  JMBurnworth PL OK
37 The Mocking-Bird  jojopandaabear PL OK
38 The Bird’s Home  Jude1972 PL OK
39 The Bird uncaged  Jude1972 PL OK
40 Dame Biddy  acarlow PL OK
41 The envious Lobster  acarlow PL OK
42 Kit with the Rose  acarlow PL OK
43 The Storm in the Forest  jojopandaabear PL OK
44 The uprooted Elm  jojopandaabear PL OK
45 Through the Clouds  jojopandaabear PL OK
46 My Rose Tree  bdanzige PL OK
47 The Infant Baptist  silverquill PL OK
48 Hymn to Solitude  aniroo PL OK
49 The Bible in the Fields  silverquill PL OK
50 The hoary Head  bdanzige PL OK
51 My Father  ScottKelley PL OK
52 A Sage hath departed  bdanzige PL OK
53 The Burial of Schiller  ScottKelley PL OK
54 Funeral Hymn for President Harrison  ScottKelley PL OK
55 Dirge for Felicia Hemans  ScottKelley PL OK
56 She died, as dawned her Natal Day  ScottKelley PL OK
57 Written in an Album, after the Lines of a deceased Friend  ScottKelley PL OK
58 The Sovereign of Babylon  ScottKelley PL OK
59 The Deer Stricken by Torch-light  acarlow PL OK
60 The Death of Sapphira  ScottKelley PL OK
61 William at Sea  ScottKelley PL OK
62 My Portrait  ScottKelley PL OK
63 The Widow’s only Son  ScottKelley PL OK
64 The Young Mother  ScottKelley PL OK
65 Evening at Andover Seminary Hill  aniroo PL OK
66 Hymn of the parting Class  aniroo PL OK
67 The speckled one  ScottKelley PL OK
68 The Moon of a Wintry Night  silverquill PL OK
69 Tom Tar  silverquill PL OK
70 The Seaman’s Hymn  silverquill PL OK
71 The Mariner’s Song of Departure  silverquill PL OK
72 The Sea Eagle’s Fall  ScottKelley PL OK
73 The caged Lion  ScottKelley PL OK
74 The Traveller at the Red Sea  silverquill PL OK
75 The Hebrew Captives  silverquill PL OK
76 Fragments from 'Esther,' a Poem  ScottKelley PL OK
77 Gone in her Beauty  ScottKelley PL OK
78 The Nun  ScottKelley PL OK
79 Trees for the Pilgrim’s Wreath  ScottKelley PL OK
80 The Mushroom’s Soliloquy  hoberlander PL OK
81 The Spirit and the Mountain  ScottKelley PL OK
82 The Fall of the Statue  ScottKelley PL OK
83 The Bird’s Maternal Care  ScottKelley PL OK
84 Song  VictoriAsztaller PL OK
85 The White Moth  ScottKelley PL OK
86 Edward and Charles  ScottKelley PL OK
87 Music of the Crickets  ScottKelley PL OK
88 Childhood’s Dream  VictoriAsztaller PL OK
89 The Fruit Tree Blossom  ScottKelley PL OK
90 The Plymouth Apple declined  ScottKelley PL OK
91 The half Apple  ScottKelley PL OK
92 The Horticulturist’s Table-Hymn  ScottKelley PL OK
93 The Whip-poor-will  ScottKelley PL OK
94 The Autumnal Rose-bud  hoberlander PL OK
95 To L. A. E. on her Wedding-day  silverquill PL OK
96 To Mrs. H. F. L.  silverquill PL OK
97 Music  silverquill PL OK