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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Biography and Comment, part 1, by Norman Gale  brucek PL OK
2 Biography and Comment, part 2, by Norman Gale  Lmnei PL OK
3 Biography and Comment, part 3, by Norman Gale  Lmnei PL OK
4 What is Life?  brucek PL OK
5 Address to Plenty  Lmnei PL OK
6 Noon  Lmnei PL OK
7 The Universal Epitaph  Lmnei PL OK
8 The Harvest Morning  Lmnei PL OK
9 On an Infant's Grave  Lmnei PL OK
10 To an April Daisy  Lmnei PL OK
11 Summer Evening  Lmnei PL OK
12 Patty  Lmnei PL OK
13 Patty of the Vale  Lmnei PL OK
14 My Love, Thou Art a Nosegay Sweet  Lmnei PL OK
15 The Meeting  Lmnei PL OK
16 Effusion  silverquill PL OK
17 Ballad  Lmnei PL OK
18 Song  Lmnei PL OK
19 The Gypsy's Camp  pyledriver PL OK
20 To the Clouds  brucek PL OK
21 The Woodman  Lmnei PL OK
22 Rural Evening  Lmnei PL OK
23 Rustic Fishing  Lmnei PL OK
24 June  Lmnei PL OK
25 December  Lmnei PL OK
26 The Approach of Spring  Lmnei PL OK
27 To the Rural Muse  Lmnei PL OK
28 Summer Images  Lmnei PL OK
29 Autumn  Lmnei PL OK
30 The Vanities of Life  Lmnei PL OK
31 Thoughts in a Church-Yard  brucek PL OK
32 The Nightingale's Nest  Lmnei PL OK
33 To P****  Lmnei PL OK
34 A World for Love  brucek PL OK
35 Song  silverquill PL OK
36 Love  Lmnei PL OK
37 Decay  Lmnei PL OK
38 Pastoral Fancies  Lmnei PL OK
39 The Autumn Robin  Lmnei PL OK
40 A Spring Morning  brucek PL OK
41 The Crab-tree  brucek PL OK
42 Winter  brucek PL OK
43 Old Poesy  brucek PL OK
44 'Tis Spring, my Love, 'tis Spring  Lmnei PL OK
45 Graves of Infants  Lmnei PL OK
46 Home Yearnings  2839reader PL OK
47 Love Lives beyond the Tomb  2839reader PL OK
48 My Early Home  2839reader PL OK
49 The Tell-tale Flowers  2839reader PL OK
50 To John Milton  brucek PL OK
51 I am! Yet what I am  adonis PL OK