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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Peril in Paradise  lurcherlover PL OK
2 A Disturbing Call  lurcherlover PL OK
3 Worried Twins  lurcherlover PL OK
4 Aloha!  lurcherlover PL OK
5 Detective Biff  lurcherlover PL OK
6 The Letter  lurcherlover PL OK
7 An Important Find  lurcherlover PL OK
8 The Police Call  lurcherlover PL OK
9 Mysterious Message  lurcherlover PL OK
10 Starting a Search  lurcherlover PL OK
11 Wharf Rats  lurcherlover PL OK
12 Bomb Away  lurcherlover PL OK
13 A Near Miss  lurcherlover PL OK
14 Storm  lurcherlover PL OK
15 Men Missing  lurcherlover PL OK
16 Held Prisoner  lurcherlover PL OK
17 A dangerous Dive  lurcherlover PL OK
18 Exploring the Depths  lurcherlover PL OK
19 Reunion  lurcherlover PL OK
20 Dawn Attack  lurcherlover PL OK
21 A Human Fish  lurcherlover PL OK
22 Check-Out  lurcherlover PL OK