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1 'Less Than the Dust' +6 more poems  HelenWillifordLower 19:00 Listen See PL notes
2 'Valgovind's Boat Song' +6  HelenWillifordLower 18:46 Listen PL OK
3 'Story by Lalla-ji, the Priest' +6  HelenWillifordLower 17:16 Listen PL OK
4 'Kotri, by the River' +6  HelenWillifordLower 24:45 Listen PL OK
5 'The Aloe', 'Memory' +5  HelenWillifordLower 16:32 Listen PL OK
6 Unforgotten, Song of Faiz Ulla, Story of Lilivanti, Garden by the Bridge, Fate Knows No Tears, Verses: Faiz Ulla  HelenWillifordLower 17:08 Listen PL OK
7 Two Songs by Sitara of Kashmir  HelenWillifordLower 21:53 Listen See PL notes
8 Three Songs of Zahir-u-Din, Regret of the Ranee, Protest, Famine Song, The Window Overlooking the Harbor  HelenWillifordLower Listen See PL notes
9  HelenWillifordLower Assigned
10  HelenWillifordLower Assigned
11  HelenWillifordLower Assigned
12  HelenWillifordLower Assigned