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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Biographical  DrPGould PL OK
2 Why it was done  stuhollowell PL OK
3 Where He First Met His Parents  stuhollowell PL OK
4 Never Talk Back  RecordingPerson PL OK
5 The Gruesome Ballad of Mr. Squincher  RecordingPerson PL OK
6 Anecdotes of Jay Gould  Penumbra PL OK
7 A Fall Crick View of the Earthquake  Cyndy PL OK
8 August  FullDisclosure PL OK
9 Julius Caesar in Town  Mfassio PL OK
10 His First Womern  Penumbra PL OK
11 This Man Jones  stacyiris PL OK
12 How to Hunt the Fox  queenk8 PL OK
13 The Boy Friend  queenk8 PL OK
14 A Letter of Acceptance  DrPGould PL OK
15 In the Afternoon  RecordingPerson PL OK
16 The Rise and Fall of William Johnson  Penumbra PL OK
17 From Delphi to Camden  stacyiris PL OK
18 The Grammatical Boy  DrPGould PL OK
19 Craqueodoom  RecordingPerson PL OK
20 The Chemist of the Carolinas  queenk8 PL OK
21 His Crazy-Bone  stacyiris PL OK
22 Prying Open the Future  DrPGould PL OK
23 Mr. Silberberg  Annyiee PL OK
24 Spirits at Home  Annyiee PL OK
25 Healthy but out of the Race  DrPGould PL OK
26 Lines  DrPGould PL OK
27 Me and Mary  Cyndy PL OK
28 Niagara Falls from the Nye Side  jasonb PL OK
29 'Curly Locks!'  jasonb PL OK
30 Lines on Turning Over a Pass  jasonb PL OK
31 That Night  jasonb PL OK
32 The Truth about Methuselah  jasonb PL OK
33 A Black Hills Episode  jasonb PL OK
34 The Rossville Lecture Course  DrPGould PL OK
35 The Tar-heel Cow  adr6090 PL OK
36 A Character  FullDisclosure PL OK
37 The Diary of Darius T. Skinner  DrPGould PL OK
38 The Man in the Moon  RecordingPerson PL OK
39 His Christmas Sled  tovarisch PL OK
40 Her Tired Hands  DrPGould PL OK
41 Ezra House  brianna PL OK
42 'Oh, Wilhelmina, Come Back!'  Annyiee PL OK
43 A Hint of Spring  tovarisch PL OK
44 A Treat Ode  RecordingPerson PL OK
45 'Our Wife'  DrPGould PL OK
46 My Bachelor Chum  RecordingPerson PL OK
47 The Philanthropical Jay  tovarisch PL OK
48 'A Brave Refrain'  DrPGould PL OK
49 A Blasted Snore  adr6090 PL OK
50 Good-bye er Howdy-do  RecordingPerson PL OK
51 Society Gurgs From Sandy Mush  Annyiee PL OK
52 While Cigarettes to Ashes Turn  RecordingPerson PL OK
53 Says He  DrPGould PL OK
54 Where the Roads Are Engaged in Forking  tovarisch PL OK
55 McFeeters' Fourth  brianna PL OK
56 In a Box  RecordingPerson PL OK
57 Seeking to Set the Public Right  DrPGould PL OK
58 A Dose't of Blues  Penumbra PL OK
59 Wanted, a Fox  cathicol PL OK
60 Sutters Claim  Penumbra PL OK
61 Seeking to Be Identified  tovarisch PL OK
62 The Old Cider Mill  tovarisch PL OK