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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 How They First Heard of Atlantis  maxfarce PL OK
2 The Black Art of Atlantis  maxfarce PL OK
3 Learning to Sin  maxfarce PL OK
4 The Tests  maxfarce PL OK
5 The Initiation  maxfarce PL OK
6 The First Power  maxfarce PL OK
7 San Francisco Ladies and Divination  maxfarce PL OK
8 Two Dreams  maxfarce PL OK
9 Love at First Sight  maxfarce PL OK
10 How the Dreams Were Interpreted  maxfarce PL OK
11 Hamar Calls on the Martins  maxfarce PL OK
12 The Great Challenge  maxfarce PL OK
13 The Modern Sorcery Co. Ltd. Give a Gratis Performance  maxfarce PL OK
14 Shiel to the Rescue  maxfarce PL OK
15 How Hamar, Curtis and Kelson Entered the Astral Plane  maxfarce PL OK
16 Hamar Makes Advances  maxfarce PL OK
17 The Course of True Love  maxfarce PL OK
18 Stage Three  maxfarce PL OK
19 A Series of Misadventures  maxfarce PL OK
20 The Stage of Hauntings  maxfarce PL OK
21 The Selling of Spells  maxfarce PL OK
22 The Persecution of the Martins  maxfarce PL OK
23 Love  maxfarce PL OK
24 The Subpoena  maxfarce PL OK
25 Curtis in a New Role  maxfarce PL OK
26 In Hyde Park at Night  maxfarce PL OK
27 The Right Girl to Marry  maxfarce PL OK
28 Whom Will He Marry?  maxfarce PL OK
29 The End and 'The Beyond'  maxfarce PL OK