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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Prefatory Note  Kyziera PL OK
1 Hank Has a Laughing Fit  johnb2 PL OK
2 A Conflict of Wills  johnb2 PL OK
3 What is the Matter with Grandpa?  johnb2 PL OK
4 The Arrival of Milkweed  johnb2 PL OK
5 'Tilda Jane's Mysterious Errand  2839reader PL OK
6 A Call on the Lumber Merchant  2839reader PL OK
7 His Only Son  Dini PL OK
8 Mild Forgiveness  jenimc PL OK
9 An Unexpected Request  johnb2 PL OK
10 The Moneyed Pup  annkharrill PL OK
11 More About the Pup  annkharrill PL OK
12 Grandpa's Drive  johnb2 PL OK
13 Little Housetop  ShanaJade77 PL OK
14 The Flight of a Wild Goose  johnb2 PL OK
15 The Pursuit of the Goose  johnb2 PL OK
16 A Tedious Waiting  johnb2 PL OK
17 The Return of the Treasures  johnb2 PL OK
18 Perletta's Pets  gloryb PL OK
19 Grandpa's Dream  gloryb PL OK
20 The Son of Muffles  johnb2 PL OK
21 'Tilda Jane Receives a Shock  Dini PL OK
22 Cousin Oonah Riley  jenimc PL OK
23 Perletta Puzzles Her Friends  gloryb PL OK
24 Perletta Makes an Explanation  gloryb PL OK
25 Hank Breaks Important News to Grandpa  johnb2 PL OK
26 A Cottage of Gentility  johnb2 PL OK
27 The Torraines  johnb2 PL OK