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0 Preface  smijen 2:23 Listen PL OK
1 Getting Ready  smijen 8:03 Listen PL OK
2 Small Parties Travelling Afoot and Camping  smijen 12:17 Listen PL OK
3 Large Parties Afoot with Baggage-Wagon  smijen 12:32 Listen PL OK
4 Clothing  smijen 4:58 Listen PL OK
5 Stoves and Cooking-Utensils  smijen 5:39 Listen PL OK
6 Cooking  smijen 6:40 Listen PL OK
7 Marching  smijen 11:56 Listen PL OK
8 The Camp  smijen 13:15 Listen PL OK
9 Tents, Tent Poles and Pins  smijen 22:30 Listen PL OK
10 Miscellaneous.--General Advice  smijen 19:28 Listen PL OK
11 Diary  smijen Assigned
12 'How to Do It' by Rev. Edward Everett Hale, &c.  smijen Assigned
13 Hygienic Notes, by Dr. Elliott Coues, U.S.A.  smijen Assigned