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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 A Promising Pupil  alicameron91 26:54 Listen PL OK
2 Damon and Pythias  alicameron91 16:19 Listen PL OK
3 Sentiment and Passion  alicameron91 21:09 Listen PL OK
4 The Inexpressible She!  alicameron91 58:00 Listen PL OK
5 'Love Knoweth no Laws' part 1  alicameron91 48:16 Listen PL OK
6 'Love Knoweth no Laws' part 2  alicameron91 29:55 Listen PL OK
7 Blighted Hopes  alicameron91 21:45 Listen PL OK
8 Change of Fortune  alicameron91 65:37 Listen PL OK
9 Frederick Entertains part 1  alicameron91 58:57 Listen PL OK
10 Frederick Entertains part 2  alicameron91 36:31 Listen PL OK
11 The Friend of the Family   Open
12 At the Races   Open
13 A Dinner and a Duel   Open
14 Little Louise Grows Up   Open
15 Rosanette as a Lovely Turk   Open
16 The Barricade   Open
17 'How Happy Could I Be with Either'   Open
18 Unpleasant News from Rosanette   Open
19 A Strange Betrothal   Open
20 An Auction   Open
21 A Bitter-sweet Reunion   Open
22 'Wait till You Come to Forty Year'   Open