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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Dedication  silverquill PL OK
2 Introduction  silverquill PL OK
3 Collector's Note  silverquill PL OK
4 The Dying Cowboy  NemoR PL OK
5 The Days of Forty-nine  NemoR PL OK
6 Joe Bowers  NemoR PL OK
7 The Cowboy's Dream  JackAllan PL OK
8 The Cowboy's Life  Mfassio PL OK
9 The Kansas Line  iBeScotty PL OK
10 The Cowman's Prayer  silverquill PL OK
11 The Miner's Song  kwpapke PL OK
12 Jesse James  Mfassio PL OK
13 Poor Lonesome Cowboy  iBeScotty PL OK
14 Buena Vista Battlefield  Mfassio PL OK
15 Westward Ho  kwpapke PL OK
16 A Home on the Range  silverquill PL OK
17 Texas Rangers  iBeScotty PL OK
18 The Mormon Bishop's Lament  iBeScotty PL OK
19 Dan Taylor  iBeScotty PL OK
20 When Work Is Done This Fall  Mfassio PL OK
21 Sioux Indians  DrPGould PL OK
22 The Old Chisholm Trail  iBeScotty PL OK
23 Jack Donahoo  iBeScotty PL OK
24 Utah Carroll  kwpapke PL OK
25 The Bull-whacker  realisticspeakers PL OK
26 The "Metis" Song of the Buffalo Hunters  realisticspeakers PL OK
27 The U-S-U Range  NemoR PL OK
28 The Cowboy's Lament  realisticspeakers PL OK
29 Love In Disguise  realisticspeakers PL OK
30 Mustang Gray  realisticspeakers PL OK
31 Young Companions  kwpapke PL OK
32 Lackey Bill  iBeScotty PL OK
33 Whoopee Ti Yi Yo, Git Along Little Dogies  iBeScotty PL OK
34 I'm A Good Old Rebel  iBeScotty PL OK
35 The Cowboy  bluechien PL OK
36 Bill Peters, The Stage Driver  kwpapke PL OK
37 Hard Times  Mfassio PL OK
38 Cole Younger  kwpapke PL OK
39 Mississippi Girls  kwpapke PL OK
40 The Old Man Under the Hill  kwpapke PL OK
41 Jerry, Go Ile That Car  realisticspeakers PL OK
42 John Garner's Trail Herd  Mfassio PL OK
43 The Old Scout's Lament  kwpapke PL OK
44 The Lone Buffalo Hunter  kwpapke PL OK
45 The Crooked Trail to Holbrook  kwpapke PL OK
46 Only a Cowboy  kwpapke PL OK
47 Fuller and Warren  kwpapke PL OK
48 The Trail to Mexico  kwpapke PL OK
49 The Horse Wrangler  NemoR PL OK
50 California Joe  Peter Why PL OK
51 The Boston Burglar  NemoR PL OK
52 Sam Bass  NemoR PL OK
53 The Zebra Dun  kwpapke PL OK
54 The Buffalo Skinners  kwpapke PL OK
55 Macaffie's Confession  kwpapke PL OK
56 Little Joe, The Wrangler  kwpapke PL OK
57 Harry Bale  kwpapke PL OK
58 Foreman Monroe  kwpapke PL OK
59 The Dreary Black Hills  realisticspeakers PL OK
60 A Mormon Song  tbwatkins89 PL OK
61 The Buffalo Hunters  NemoR PL OK
62 The Little Old Sod Shanty  kwpapke PL OK
63 The Gol-darned Wheel  Cyndy PL OK
64 Bonnie Black Bess  BettyB PL OK
65 The Last Longhorn  Peter Why PL OK
66 A Prisoner for Life  kwpapke PL OK
67 The Wars of Germany  NemoR PL OK
68 Freighting from Wilcox to Globe  kwpapke PL OK
69 The Arizona Boys and Girls  BettyB PL OK
70 The Dying Ranger  realisticspeakers PL OK
71 The Fair Fannie Moore  Peter Why PL OK
72 Hell in Texas  NemoR PL OK
73 By Markentura's Flowery Marge  kwpapke PL OK
74 The State of Arkansaw  NemoR PL OK
75 The Texas Cowboy  kwpapke PL OK
76 The Dreary, Dreary Life  kwpapke PL OK
77 Jim Farrow  kwpapke PL OK
78 Young Charlottie  BettyB PL OK
79 The Skew-Ball Black  kwpapke PL OK
80 The Rambling Cowboy  NemoR PL OK
81 The Cowboy at Church  NemoR PL OK
82 The U. S. A. Recruit  silverquill PL OK
83 The Cowgirl  BettyB PL OK
84 The Shanty Boy  kwpapke PL OK
85 Root Hog or Die  vanmonette PL OK
86 Sweet Betsy from Pike  BettyB PL OK
87 The Disheartened Ranger  Cyndy PL OK
88 The Melancholy Cowboy  NemoR PL OK
89 Bob Stanford  vanmonette PL OK
90 Charlie Rutlage  vanmonette PL OK
91 The Range Riders  pyledriver PL OK
92 Her White Bosom Bare  kwpapke PL OK
93 Juan Murray  pyledriver PL OK
94 Greer County  Cyndy PL OK
95 Rosin the Bow  kwpapke PL OK
96 The Great Round-Up  silverquill PL OK
97 The Jolly Cowboy  YZeng PL OK
98 The Convict  kwpapke PL OK
99 Jack O' Diamonds  kwpapke PL OK
100 The Cowboy's Meditation  NemoR PL OK
101 Billy Venero  kwpapke PL OK
102 Dogie Song  tbwatkins89 PL OK
103 The Boozer  kwpapke PL OK
104 Drinking Song  kwpapke PL OK
105 A Fragment  silverquill PL OK
106 A Man Named Hods  LowellMoore PL OK
107 A Fragment  silverquill PL OK
108 The Lone Star Trail  aniroo PL OK
109 Way Down In Mexico  DrPGould PL OK
110 Rattlesnake A Ranch Haying Song  DrPGould PL OK
111 The Railroad Corral  rixsworld PL OK
112 The Song of the "Metis" Trapper  Cyndy PL OK
113 The Camp Fire Has Gone Out  JudgeRuled PL OK
114 Night-Herding Song  aniroo PL OK
115 Tail Piece  DrPGould PL OK
116 The Habit  NemoR PL OK
117 Old Paint  Cyndy PL OK
118 Down South on the Rio Grande  silverquill PL OK
119 Silver Jack  pschempf PL OK
120 The Cowboy's Christmas Ball  NemoR PL OK
121 Pinto  silverquill PL OK
122 The Gal I Left Behind Me  becevka PL OK
123 Billy The Kid  Cyndy PL OK
124 The Hell-Bound Train  NemoR PL OK
125 The Old Scout's Lament  pschempf PL OK
126 The Deserted Adobe  YZeng PL OK
127 The Cowboy at Work  YZeng PL OK
128 Here's to the Ranger!  aniroo PL OK
129 Muster Out the Ranger  aniroo PL OK
130 A Cow Camp on the Range  pschempf PL OK
131 Freckles. A Fragment  DrPGould PL OK
132 Whose Old Cow?  silverquill PL OK
133 Old Time Cowboy  Cyndy PL OK
134 Bucking Broncho  NemoR PL OK
135 The Pecos Queen  BettyB PL OK
136 Chopo  aniroo PL OK
137 Top Hand  DrPGould PL OK
138 California Trail  JudgeRuled PL OK
139 Bronc Peeler's Song  aniroo PL OK
140 A Deer Hunt  tbwatkins89 PL OK
141 Windy Bill  Mfassio PL OK
142 Wild Rovers  Mfassio PL OK
143 Life in a Half-Breed Shack  silverquill PL OK
144 The Road to Cook's Peak  Cyndy PL OK
145 Araphoe, Or Buckskin Joe  pschempf PL OK
146 Rounded up in Glory  silverquill PL OK
147 The Drunkard's Hell  vanmonette PL OK
148 Rambling Boy  aniroo PL OK
149 Brigham Young. I.  DrPGould PL OK
150 Brigham Young. II  DrPGould PL OK
151 The Old Gray Mule  NemoR PL OK
152 The Fools of Forty-nine  aniroo PL OK
153 A Ripping Trip  aniroo PL OK
154 The Happy Miner  aniroo PL OK
155 The California Stage Company  aniroo PL OK
156 New National Anthem  silverquill PL OK