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0 Dedication and Preface  Read PL OK
1 Chapter I, Shows how First Love may interrupt Breakfast  Eli27 PL OK
2 Chapter II, A Pedigree and other Family Matters  Read PL OK
3 Chapter III, In which Pendennis appears as a very young Man indeed  WinstonColtart PL OK
4 Chapter IV, Mrs. Haller  mdevere PL OK
5 Chapter V, Mrs. Haller at Home  ergopony PL OK
6 Chapter VI, Contains both Love and War  ergopony PL OK
7 Chapter VII, In which the Major makes his Appearance  jenno PL OK
8 Chapter VIII, In which Pen is kept waiting at the Door, while the Reader is informed who little Laura was  ergopony PL OK
9 Chapter IX, In which the Major opens the Campaign  ergopony PL OK
10 Chapter X, Facing the Enemy  mike365365 PL OK
11 Chapter XI, Negotiation  ergopony PL OK
12 Chapter XII, In which a Shooting Match is proposed  ergopony PL OK
13 Chapter XIII, A Crisis  ergopony PL OK
14 Chapter XIV, In which Miss Fotheringay makes a new Engagement  ergopony PL OK
15 Chapter XV, The happy Village  neecheelok70 PL OK
16 Chapter XVI, More Storms in the Puddle  ergopony PL OK
17 Chapter XVII, Which concludes the first Part of this History  ergopony PL OK
18 Chapter XVIII, Alma Mater  jenno PL OK
19 Chapter XIX, Pendennis of Boniface  jenno PL OK
20 Chapter XX, Rake’s Progress  jenno PL OK
21 Chapter XXI, Flight after Defeat  jenno PL OK
22 Chapter XXII, Prodigal’s Return  jenno PL OK
23 Chapter XXIII, New Faces  neecheelok70 PL OK
24 Chapter XXIV, A Little Innocent  neecheelok70 PL OK
25 Chapter XXV, Contains both Love and Jealousy  neecheelok70 PL OK
26 Chapter XXVI, A House full of Visitors  neecheelok70 PL OK
27 Chapter XXVII, Contains some Ball-practising  neecheelok70 PL OK
28 Chapter XXVIII, Which is both Quarrelsome and Sentimental  neecheelok70 PL OK
29 Chapter XXIX, Babylon  neecheelok70 PL OK
30 Chapter XXX, The Knights of the Temple  neecheelok70 PL OK
31 Chapter XXXI, Old and new Acquaintances  neecheelok70 PL OK
32 Chapter XXXII, In which the Printer’s Devil comes to the Door  neecheelok70 PL OK
33 Chapter XXXIII, Which is passed in the Neighbourhood of Ludgate Hill  neecheelok70 PL OK
34 Chapter XXXIV, In which the History still hovers about Fleet Street  neecheelok70 PL OK
35 Chapter XXXV, Dinner in the Row  neecheelok70 PL OK
36 Chapter XXXVI, The Pall Mall Gazette  unclejoe PL OK
37 Chapter XXXVII, Where Pen appears in Town and Country  neecheelok70 PL OK
38 Chapter XXXVIII, In which the Sylph reappears  jenno PL OK
39 Chapter XXXIX, Colonel Altamont appears and disappears  neecheelok70 PL OK
40 Chapter XL, Relates to Mr. Harry Foker’s Affairs  neecheelok70 PL OK
41 Chapter XLI, Carries the Reader both to Richmond and Greenwich  neecheelok70 PL OK
42 Chapter XLII, Contains a novel Incident  neecheelok70 PL OK
43 Chapter XLIII, Alsatia  neecheelok70 PL OK
44 Chapter XLIV, In which the Colonel narrates some of his Adventures  neecheelok70 PL OK
45 Chapter XLV, A Chapter of Conversations  neecheelok70 PL OK
46 Chapter XLVI, Miss Amory’s Partners  neecheelok70 PL OK
47 Chapter XLVII, Monseigneur s’amuse  neecheelok70 PL OK
48 Chapter XLVIII, A Visit of Politeness  neecheelok70 PL OK
49 Chapter XLIX, In Shepherd’s Inn  neecheelok70 PL OK
50 Chapter L, Or near the Temple Garden  neecheelok70 PL OK
51 Chapter LI, The happy Village again  neecheelok70 PL OK
52 Chapter LII, Which had very nearly been the last of the Story  neecheelok70 PL OK
53 Chapter LIII, A critical Chapter  neecheelok70 PL OK
54 Chapter LIV, Convalescence  neecheelok70 PL OK
55 Chapter LV, Fanny’s Occupation’s gone  neecheelok70 PL OK
56 Chapter LVI, In which Fanny engages a new Medical Man  neecheelok70 PL OK
57 Chapter LVII, Foreign Ground  neecheelok70 PL OK
58 Chapter LVIII, 'Fairoaks to let'  neecheelok70 PL OK
59 Chapter LIX, Old Friends  neecheelok70 PL OK
60 Chapter LX, Explanations  neecheelok70 PL OK
61 Chapter LXI, Conversations  neecheelok70 PL OK
62 Chapter LXII, The Way of the World  neecheelok70 PL OK
63 Chapter LXIII, Which accounts perhaps for Chapter LXI.  neecheelok70 PL OK
64 Chapter LXIV, Phyllis and Corydon  neecheelok70 PL OK
65 Chapter LXV, Temptation  neecheelok70 PL OK
66 Chapter LXVI, In which Pen begins his Canvass  neecheelok70 PL OK
67 Chapter LXVII, In which Pen begins to doubt about his Election  neecheelok70 PL OK
68 Chapter LXVIII, In which the Major is bidden to Stand and Deliver  neecheelok70 PL OK
69 Chapter LXIX, In which the Major neither yields his Money nor his Life  neecheelok70 PL OK
70 Chapter LXX, In which Pendennis counts his Eggs  neecheelok70 PL OK
71 Chapter LXXI, Fiat Justitia  neecheelok70 PL OK
72 Chapter LXXII, In which the Decks begin to clear  neecheelok70 PL OK
73 Chapter LXXIII, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Huxter  neecheelok70 PL OK
74 Chapter LXXIV, Shows how Arthur had better have taken a Return-ticket  neecheelok70 PL OK
75 Chapter LXXV, A Chapter of Match-making  neecheelok70 PL OK
76 Chapter LXXVI, Exeunt Omnes  neecheelok70 PL OK