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0 Dramatis Personae  Elizabby PL OK
1 Chapter I: The Coliseum  silverquill EstherbenSimonides RupertHolliday larryhayes7 jasonb pjcsaville PL OK
2 Chapter II: The Pretorian Camp  EstherbenSimonides jasonb pjcsaville PL OK
3 Chapter III: The Appian Way  EstherbenSimonides EddySherman pjcsaville PL OK
4 Chapter IV: The Catacombs  EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles GilmoreDon EddySherman pjcsaville PL OK
5 Chapter V: The Christian's Secret  EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles jasonb pjcsaville PL OK
6 Chapter VI: The Cloud of Witnesses  EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles jasonb pjcsaville PL OK
7 Chapter VII: The Confession of Faith  silverquill EstherbenSimonides jasonb pjcsaville PL OK
8 Chapter VIII: Life in the Catacombs  EstherbenSimonides PL OK
9 Chapter IX: The Persecution  MaryAnnSpiegel silverquill AdeledePignerolles Twinkle88 jasonb pjcsaville RecordingPerson PL OK
10 Chapter X: The Arrest  EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles GilmoreDon leanneyauyau jasonb pjcsaville PL OK
11 Chapter XI: The Offer  EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles EddySherman jasonb pjcsaville KhyrosFinalCut PL OK
12 Chapter XII: Pollio's Trial  EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles EddySherman KhyrosFinalCut PL OK
13 Chapter XIII: The Death of Pollio  MaryAnnSpiegel silverquill EstherbenSimonides EddySherman jasonb juliebarkley pjcsaville PL OK
14 Chapter XIV: The Temptation  Elizabby jasonb pjcsaville PL OK
15 Chapter XV: Lucullus  Elizabby GilmoreDon jasonb PL OK