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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Early Days  embischoff PL OK
2 In the Mediterranean  RonJ PL OK
3 Amongst the Greeks  GillH PL OK
4 Alas, poor Paddy!  RonJ PL OK
5 Roasting the Bully  Jules8 PL OK
6 Paddy Adair, Hurrah!  Jules8 PL OK
7 To save the Flag  Jules8 PL OK
8 Bound for Africa  bobdole PL OK
9 Wreck of the San Fernando  tjp1421 PL OK
10 Again United  DonW PL OK
11 Life on an African Cruiser  Jules8 PL OK
12 Adventures on Shore  tjp1421 PL OK
13 To fight his Friends  Jules8 PL OK
14 In the Negro Prison  RonJ PL OK
15 In Search of Jack  mrwemmick PL OK
16 A Flight for Life  mrwemmick PL OK
17 Aboard the Prize  mrwemmick PL OK
18 An adventurous Voyage  Jules8 PL OK
19 In perilous Condition  Jules8 PL OK
20 Slave-Hunting  RonJ PL OK
21 Desperate Fighting  Jules8 PL OK
22 Prisoners  Jules8 PL OK
23 Bound for China  GillH PL OK
24 Hot Fighting  Jules8 PL OK
25 In desperate Condition  johnb PL OK
26 Another fierce Conflict  johnb PL OK
27 Chasing the Pirate Fleet  Jules8 PL OK
28 The Midshipmen in Prison  Jules8 PL OK
29 The Night Battle  johnb2 PL OK
30 An Attempt at Escape  Jules8 PL OK
31 On Board the Junk  Jules8 PL OK
32 Fight to the Last!  owalton PL OK
33 An old Acquaintance  neecheelok70 PL OK
34 Promoted  Jules8 PL OK