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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Chapter 1: The Wings of Morning  PatienceC PL OK
2 Chapter 2: An Embryo Mind Reader  PatienceC PL OK
3 Chapter 3: Peregrinations  PatienceC PL OK
4 Chapter 4: A Question of Contracts  PatienceC PL OK
5 Chapter 5: The Prodigal Daughter  PatienceC PL OK
6 Chapter 6: Kate's Private Pupil  PatienceC PL OK
7 Chapter 7: Helping Nancy Ellen and Robert Establish a Home  PatienceC PL OK
8 Chapter 8: The History of a Leghorn Hat  PatienceC PL OK
9 Chapter 9: A Sunbonnet Girl  PatienceC PL OK
10 Chapter 10: John Jardine's Courtship  PatienceC PL OK
11 Chapter 11: A Business Proposition  PatienceC PL OK
12 Chapter 12: Two Letters  PatienceC PL OK
13 Chapter 13: The Bride  PatienceC PL OK
14 Chapter 14: Starting Married Life  PatienceC PL OK
15 Chapter 15: A New Idea  PatienceC PL OK
16 Chapter 16: The Work of the Sun  PatienceC PL OK
17 Chapter 17: The Banner Hand  PatienceC PL OK
18 Chapter 18: Kate Takes the Bit in Her Mouth  PatienceC PL OK
19 Chapter 19: ''As a Man Soweth''  PatienceC PL OK
20 Chapter 20: ''For a Good Girl''  PatienceC PL OK
21 Chapter 21: Life's Boomerang  PatienceC PL OK
22 Chapter 22: Somewhat of Polly  PatienceC PL OK
23 Chapter 23: Kate's Heavenly Tiime  PatienceC PL OK
24 Polly Tries Her Wings  SaraHale PL OK
25 One More for Kate  SaraHale PL OK
26 The Winged Victory  wordwork2 PL OK
27 Blue Ribbon Corn  lymiewithpurpose PL OK
28 The Eleventh Hour  lymiewithpurpose PL OK