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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  silverquill PL OK
1 The Emigrants.  harpinthecloset PL OK
2 The Bechuana Boy  harpinthecloset PL OK
3 Afar in the Desert.  jpaul16 PL OK
4 Evening Rambles  smellyspice PL OK
5 The Lion Hunt  jpaul16 PL OK
6 The Lion and the Giraffe  NemoR PL OK
7 The Desolate Valley  Icaruslanding PL OK
8 The Coranna  garyday PL OK
9 Song of the Wild Bushman  NemoR PL OK
10 The Captive of Camal  garyday PL OK
11 The Brown Hunter's Song  garyday PL OK
12 The Bushman  NemoR PL OK
13 The Cape of Storms  garyday PL OK
14 The Hottentot  garyday PL OK
15 The Caffer  garyday PL OK
16 The Ghona Widow's Lullaby  kirbywheatland PL OK
17 The Kosa  NemoR PL OK
18 Makanna's Gathering  NemoR PL OK
19 The Incantation  NemoR PL OK
20 The Caffer Commando  garyday PL OK
21 The Rock of Reconcilement  garyday PL OK
22 The Forester of the Neutral Ground  Algy Pug PL OK
23 The Emigrant's Cabin at the Cape  Algy Pug unreadpages Newgatenovelist PL OK
24 The Volunteers of England  TrudiBvoice PL OK
25 The Dear Old Land  Algy Pug PL OK
26 The Funeral in the Abbey  shinelikesunbeam PL OK
27 A Farewell to English Friends  shinelikesunbeam PL OK
28 A Missionary's Last Farewell to England  shinelikesunbeam PL OK
29 A Reminiscence of 1820  silverquill PL OK
30 Past and Present  Druid PL OK
31 A South African Wilderness  NemoR PL OK
32 A Sunrise Thought at "Cove Rock"  harpinthecloset PL OK
33 An Ocean Sunset  kirbywheatland PL OK
34 A Sight from the Shore  harpinthecloset PL OK
35 The Thunderstorm at Bathurst  Mamsandy PL OK
36 A Morning Wish for a Friend  kirbywheatland PL OK
37 A Night Thought  NemoR PL OK
38 The Little Shell at Cove Rock  fiskr PL OK
39 A Tribute of Sympathy to the Defenders of Glen Lynden  Kitty PL OK
40 The Colours of the First 24th  Kitty PL OK
41 Our Boys  silverquill PL OK
42 In the Drought Lands of South Africa  TrudiBvoice PL OK
43 The Landing of the British Settlers of 1820  silverquill PL OK
44 In The Country of Mankoraan  NemoR PL OK
45 Drink  silverquill Naduplants PL OK
46 South Africa Rediviva  TrudiBvoice PL OK
47 The Beautful Island of Dreams  TrudiBvoice PL OK
48 Cape of Good Hope  TrudiBvoice PL OK
49 Good Hope  MillionMoments PL OK
50 Ode  Rh19o74 PL OK
51 After a Storm  NemoR PL OK
52 Ammap and Griet  Dini PL OK
53 Sonnets of the Cape  TrudiBvoice PL OK
54 The Faded Photograph  TrudiBvoice PL OK
55 Eveleen  TrudiBvoice PL OK
56 Farewell to Madeira  NemoR PL OK
57 Farewell to Fifty-five  Kitty PL OK
58 Lead, Kindly Light  silverquill PL OK
59 Should It Be According to Thy Mind  silverquill PL OK
60 To Graaff Reinet  Mamsandy PL OK
61 Hymn  silverquill PL OK
62 The Lament  harpinthecloset PL OK
63 My "Salted" Steed  MillionMoments PL OK
64 A Romance from the Fields  ShanaJade77 PL OK
65 The Flight of the Amakosa  catharmaiden PL OK
66 An Idyl of a Prince  catharmaiden PL OK
67 A Christmas Apparition  NemoR PL OK
68 Freedom's Home  silverquill PL OK
69 The Gallant "Teuton"  silverquill PL OK
70 The Sunny Hills of Africa  harpinthecloset PL OK
71 The Southern Cross  silverquill PL OK
72 Hon. William Porter, C.M.G  Kitty PL OK
73 Ode on the British Settlers' Year of Jubilee  Kitty PL OK
74 Dives Redivivus  silverquill PL OK
75 The Burghers' Gathering  SPly PL OK
76 Storm in Tugela Valley, Natal  silverquill PL OK
77 The Natal Gold Diggings  Kitty PL OK
78 Nature  silverquill PL OK
79 Contentment  silverquill PL OK
80 Not Here  Druid PL OK
81 Revelation XXII  silverquill PL OK
82 Ezekiel XLVII. 1-12  silverquill PL OK
83 Change  silverquill PL OK
84 Heavenly Friendship  silverquill PL OK
85 Lines Written in an Album  silverquill PL OK
86 The Defence of Rorke's Drift  pyledriver PL OK
87 Rorke's Drift  aravagarwal PL OK
88 Before Ulundi  aravagarwal PL OK
89 The Baron's Adventure  Kitty PL OK
90 South African Courtship  LynStanley PL OK
91 The Better Land  Dini PL OK
92 Dolly  Dini PL OK
93 Going Home  Dini PL OK
94 The Oxford Bible  harpinthecloset PL OK
95 The Last Mission of the Sails  silverquill PL OK
96 The Worn-out Sails  silverquill PL OK
97 In Memoriam  Kalynda PL OK
98 Epitaph on a Diamond Digger  Kalynda PL OK
99 Afric's Greeting  Kitty PL OK
100 Robert Godlinton  Kitty PL OK
101 The Diamond Digger  NemoR PL OK
102 The Last of the Bowkers  NemoR PL OK
103 The Drunkard's Child  NemoR PL OK
104 The Angel's Message  catharmaiden PL OK
105 The "Churl" of the Period; and Another  catharmaiden PL OK
106 Welcome  Kitty PL OK
107 Precepts for Young and Old  Kitty PL OK
108 Be Kind to One Another  Druid PL OK
109 Paddy's Love Symptoms  Kitty PL OK
110 Proverbial Philosophy of Humbug  silverquill PL OK
111 Platteklip Cascade  Kitty PL OK
112 The Port Elizabeth Pyramid  Kitty PL OK
113 In Memoriam  Kitty PL OK
114 Lord! What Is Man That Thou Art Mindful of Him!  Kitty PL OK
115 The Rhyme of the Ox-wagon  Kitty PL OK
116 The Cape of Good Hope  Kitty PL OK
117 The Erythrina Tree'  silverquill PL OK