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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  JorWat PL OK
1 Part I: The Birth and Development of Faking – Greeks and Romans as Art Collectors  JorWat PL OK
2 Collectomania in Rome  JorWat PL OK
3 Rapacious Roman Collectors  JorWat PL OK
4 Rome as an Art Emporium  JorWat PL OK
5 Increase of Faking in Rome  JorWat PL OK
6 Decadence of Art and Consequent Changes  JorWat PL OK
7 The Renaissance Period  JorWat PL OK
8 Imitation, Plagiarism, and Faking  JorWat PL OK
9 Collectors of the Sixteenth Century  JorWat PL OK
10 Collecting in France and England  JorWat PL OK
11 Mazarin as a Collector  JorWat PL OK
12 Some Notable French Collectors  JorWat PL OK
13 Part II: The Collector and the Faker – Collectors and Collections  JorWat PL OK
14 The Collector's Friends and Enemies  JorWat PL OK
15 Imitators and Fakers  JorWat PL OK
16 The Artistic Qualities of Imitators  JorWat PL OK
17 Fakers, Forgers and the Law  JorWat PL OK
18 The Faked Atmosphere and Public Sales  JorWat PL OK
19 Part III: The Faked Article – The Make-up of Faked Antiques  JorWat PL OK
20 Faked Sculpture, Bas-reliefs and Bronzes  JorWat PL OK
21 Faked Pottery  JorWat PL OK
22 Metal Fakes  JorWat PL OK
23 Wood Work and Musical Instruments  JorWat PL OK
24 Velvets, Tapestries and Books  JorWat PL OK
25 Summing Up  JorWat PL OK