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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Betty Hears the Great News  HollyJenson PL OK
2 The Secret  HollyJenson PL OK
3 Dear Old Miss Jane  HollyJenson PL OK
4 At Last the Day!  HollyJenson PL OK
5 Her Unexpected Welcome  HollyJenson PL OK
6 The Challenge  HollyJenson PL OK
7 A Roommate  HollyJenson PL OK
8 The Duel - After All  HollyJenson PL OK
9 Her First Reception  HollyJenson PL OK
10 Hallowe'en  HollyJenson PL OK
11 The Play  HollyJenson PL OK
12 At Home for Christmas  HollyJenson PL OK
13 A Feast, a Trial, a New Teacher  HollyJenson PL OK
14 Miss Jane's "Seed Picter"  HollyJenson PL OK
15 The Order of the Cup  HollyJenson PL OK
16 The Return of the Shipwrecked Mariner  HollyJenson PL OK
17 The Masquerade  HollyJenson PL OK
18 The Class Election  HollyJenson PL OK
19 Betty and Lois Talk Over the Summer  HollyJenson PL OK
20 Her Commencement  HollyJenson PL OK