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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  NikisEssentials 3:03 Listen PL OK
1 Introductory  NikisEssentials 13:01 Listen PL OK
2 The Boiling of Water  NikisEssentials 19:05 Listen PL OK
3 Albumen  NikisEssentials 22:25 Listen PL OK
4 Gelatin, Fibrin, and the Juices of Meat  NikisEssentials 27:00 Listen PL OK
5 Roasting and Grilling  NikisEssentials 28:29 Listen PL OK
6 Count Rumford's Roaster  NikisEssentials 31:01 Listen PL OK
7 Frying  NikisEssentials 44:57 Listen PL OK
8 Stewing  NikisEssentials Assigned
9 Cheese  NikisEssentials Assigned
10 Fat--Milk  NikisEssentials Assigned
11 The Cookery of Vegetables  NikisEssentials Assigned
12 Gluten--Bread  NikisEssentials Assigned
13 Vegetable Casein and Vegetable Juices  NikisEssentials Assigned
14 Count Rumford’s Cookery and Cheap Dinners  NikisEssentials Assigned
15 Count Rumford’s Substitute for Tea and Coffee  NikisEssentials Assigned
16 The Cookery of Wine  NikisEssentials Assigned
17 The Vegetarian Question  NikisEssentials Assigned
18 Malted Food  NikisEssentials Assigned
19 The Physiology of Nutrition  NikisEssentials Assigned