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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 As Introductory  vinal PL OK
1 The Call of Homestead  vinal PL OK
2 The Seat of War  vinal PL OK
3 The Spirit of Pittsburgh  vinal PL OK
4 The Attentat  vinal PL OK
5 The Third Degree  vinal PL OK
6 The Jail  vinal PL OK
7 The Trial  vinal PL OK
8 Desperate Thoughts  vinal PL OK
9 The Will to Live  vinal PL OK
10 Spectral Silence  vinal PL OK
11 A Ray of Light  vinal PL OK
12 The Shop  vinal PL OK
13 My First Letter  vinal PL OK
14 Wingie  vinal PL OK
15 To the Girl  vinal PL OK
16 Persecution  vinal PL OK
17 The Yegg  vinal PL OK
18 The Route Sub Rosa  vinal PL OK
19 ''Zuchthausbluethen''  onhyattus PL OK
20 The Judas  antonygirgis PL OK
21 The Dip  MajorHistory PL OK
22 The Urge of Sex  MajorHistory PL OK
23 The Warden's Threat  TwoRavens PL OK
24 The ''Basket'' Cell  Horner94 PL OK
25 The Solitary  TwoRavens PL OK
26 Memory-Guests  TwoRavens PL OK
27 A Day in the Cell-House  TwoRavens PL OK
28 The Deeds of the Good to the Evil  TwoRavens PL OK
29 The Grist of the Prison-Mill  TwoRavens PL OK
30 The Scales of Justice  TwoRavens PL OK
31 Thoughts that Stole Out of Prison  BeauWood PL OK
32 How Shall the Depths Cry?  stoogeswoman PL OK
33 Hiding the Evidence  Horner94 PL OK
34 Love's Dungeon Flower  ke126 PL OK
36 Dreams of Freedom  catem PL OK
37 Whitewashed Again  2839reader PL OK
38 ''And by All Forgot, We Rot and Rot''  2839reader PL OK
39 The Deviousness of Reform Law Applied  2839reader PL OK
40 The Tunnel  2839reader PL OK
41 The Death of Dick  KIBBONAFIDE PL OK
42 An Alliance With the Birds  TwoRavens PL OK
43 The Underground  AndrewGrant PL OK
44 Anxious Days  stoogeswoman PL OK
45 ''How Men Their Brothers Maim''  Horner94 PL OK
46 A New Plan of Escape  catem PL OK
47 Done to Death  ljarrow PL OK
48 The Shock at Buffalo  PhyllisV PL OK
49 Marred Lives  PhyllisV PL OK
50 ''Passing the Love of Woman''  PhyllisV PL OK
51 Love's Daring  ChuckW PL OK
52 The Bloom of ''The Barren Staff''  ChuckW PL OK
53 A Child's Heart-Hunger  johnb2 PL OK
54 Chum  johnb2 PL OK
55 Last Days  johnb2 PL OK
56 The Workhouse  johnb2 PL OK
57 The Resurrection  ChuckW PL OK