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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  SweetPea 02:37 Listen PL OK
1 Guy Takes the Cross  SweetPea 34:56 Listen PL OK
2 Two Surprises for Elaine  SweetPea 30:34 Listen PL OK
3 All is not Gold that Glitters  SweetPea 38:33 Listen PL OK
4 A Journey—and the End of it  SweetPea 32:23 Listen See PL notes
5 Curious Notions  2839reader 32:31 claimed 11/29 Listen PL OK
6 The Perversity of People  2839reader 35:47 Listen PL OK
7 A Little Cloud Out of the Sea   Open
8 As Good as Most People   Open
9 Elaine Finds More than she Expected   Open
10 Preparing for the Struggle   Open
11 The Calm Before the Storm   Open
12 Will She Give Him Up?   Open
13 Waiting for the Inevitable   Open
14 Sybil's Choice   Open
15 Historical Appendix   Open