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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 January  silverquill PL OK
2 Old Year and Young Years  silverquill PL OK
3 The Virginia Rail  BettyB PL OK
4 Cotton Fabrics  tovarisch PL OK
5 The Wise Little Bird  Lordanon PL OK
6 The Grasshopper Spider  Lordanon PL OK
7 The Blue-Winged Teal  BettyB PL OK
8 The Gray Stump  Lordanon PL OK
9 Remembered Songs  silverquill PL OK
10 The Yellow-Headed Blackbird  hyrulehistorical PL OK
11 The Yellow-Headed Blackbird  hyrulehistorical PL OK
12 With Open Eyes  BettyB PL OK
13 Bird Notes  BettyB PL OK
14 Southward Bound  BettyB PL OK
15 The Black Squirrel  BettyB PL OK
16 The Robin’s Mistake  BettyB PL OK
17 The Dove. Noah’s Messenger  silverquill PL OK
18 The Weasel  tovarisch PL OK
19 Birds and the Weather  adr6090 PL OK
20 Strange Illuminations  tovarisch PL OK
21 The Pink House in the Apple Tree  linny PL OK
22 The Quince  silverquill PL OK
23 The Young Naturalist  BettyB PL OK
24 Liquid Air  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
25 Common Minerals and Valuable Ores. II. Quartz and the Silicates  knotyouraveragejo PL OK
26 The Danger from the Importation of Animals  Availle PL OK
27 The American Bison  aerikbjornsson PL OK
28 The Turtle Dove  aerikbjornsson PL OK
29 The Sorrowful Tree  aerikbjornsson PL OK
30 Marked with Bleeding Hearts  aerikbjornsson PL OK
31 The Lily of the Valley  aerikbjornsson PL OK
32 Mushrooms on Benches  aerikbjornsson PL OK