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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Prefatory Note  BettyB PL OK
1 Kubla Khan: A Vision in a Dream  silverquill PL OK
2 Meg Merrilies  jasonb PL OK
3 Berries  avocado PL OK
4 Romance  Alitheia PL OK
5 Hymn of Pan  jasonb PL OK
6 Written in March  Kangaroo692 PL OK
7 ''When the Hounds of Spring''  rosehip PL OK
8 Song  Kangaroo692 PL OK
9 Under the Greenwood Tree  jasonb PL OK
10 To Violets  jasonb PL OK
11 On May Morning  Kangaroo692 PL OK
12 The Leprecaun or Fairy Shoemaker  BettyB PL OK
13 Hunting Song  jasonb PL OK
14 The Lady of Shalott  silverquill PL OK
15 Hymn to Diana  jasonb PL OK
16 The Song of Wandering Aengus  rosehip PL OK
17 The Shepherd to His Love  silverquill PL OK
18 Robin Hood and the Butcher  Kalynda PL OK
19 A Sea Song  silverquill PL OK
20 Epitaph on a Hare  Felicity12 PL OK
21 The Pilgrim  Kangaroo692 PL OK
22 Lullaby for Titania  Twinkle88 PL OK
23 Israfel  BettyB PL OK
24 Jaffar  NemoR PL OK
25 A Song of Sherwood  BettyB PL OK
26 The Destruction of Sennacherib  silverquill PL OK
27 Ivry  BettyB PL OK
28 The Tiger  silverquill PL OK
29 The Terrible Robber Men  rosehip PL OK
30 Sir Patrick Spens  Kitty PL OK
31 ''Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind''  Kangaroo692 PL OK
32 The Pied Piper of Hamelin (A Child's Story)  GrayHouse PL OK
33 ''Time, You Old Gipsy Man''  rosehip PL OK
34 The Solitary Reaper  GrayHouse PL OK
35 My Lost Youth  GrayHouse PL OK
36 Battle-Hymn of the Republic  Kangaroo692 PL OK
37 Gathering Song of Donald Dhu  Kitty PL OK
38 The Minstrel-Boy  Kangaroo692 PL OK
39 Bannockburn (Robert Bruce's Address to His Army)  Kitty PL OK
40 Fable  BettyB PL OK
41 Good Hours  rosehip PL OK
42 Winter  Kangaroo692 PL OK
43 A Chanted Calendar  2839reader PL OK
44 The Cloud  2839reader PL OK
45 Bugle Song  2839reader PL OK
46 The Forsaken Merman  2839reader PL OK
47 Nurse's Song  2839reader PL OK
48 To a Mouse  2839reader PL OK
49 The Fairies  efiatora PL OK
50 La Belle Dame Sans Merci  rosehip PL OK
51 Spring  Kangaroo692 PL OK
52 ''I Wandered Lonely''  Kangaroo692 PL OK
53 The Gay Gos-Hawk  BettyB PL OK
54 An Old Song of Fairies  BettyB PL OK
55 Moon Folly (The Song of Conn the Fool)  rosehip PL OK
56 Star-Talk  BettyB PL OK
57 Jim Jay  BettyB PL OK
58 The Ghosts of the Buffaloes  BettyB PL OK
59 A Christmas Carol  silverquill PL OK
60 Escape at Bedtime  ewsmith PL OK
61 Song of the Chattahoochee  rosehip PL OK
62 Sea Fever  silverquill PL OK
63 ''O Captain! My Captain!''  silverquill PL OK
64 The Snow  thestorygirl PL OK
65 A Song for My Mother: Her Hands  rosehip PL OK
66 The Fountain  efiatora PL OK
67 Nature's Friend  efiatora PL OK
68 Tree-Toad  BettyB PL OK
69 An Ancient Christmas Carol  rosehip PL OK
70 An Old Christmas Carol  BettyB PL OK
71 King John and the Abbot of Canterbury  BettyB PL OK
72 The Sands of Dee  rosehip PL OK
73 Sister Awake! (Old English Song)  Kalynda PL OK
74 The Skeleton in Armor  Kitty PL OK
75 By Bendemeer's Stream  rosehip PL OK
76 A Prayer  silverquill PL OK
77 Young Lochinvar  NemoR PL OK
78 Off the Ground  BettyB PL OK
79 Auld Daddy Darkness  Kitty PL OK