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0 Preface  aerikbjornsson PL OK
1 The Country and Its Resources  aerikbjornsson PL OK
2 Scandinavia in Prehistoric Times, The Stone Age  aerikbjornsson PL OK
3 The Bronze Age  aerikbjornsson PL OK
4 The Iron Age  aerikbjornsson PL OK
5 The Migrations  aerikbjornsson PL OK
6 The People  aerikbjornsson PL OK
7 The Dawn of Historic Norway  aerikbjornsson PL OK
8 The Early Viking Expeditions  aerikbjornsson PL OK
9 The Vikings in Ireland and in the Islands  aerikbjornsson PL OK
10 The Vikings in France and Spain  aerikbjornsson PL OK
11 The Vikings in England  aerikbjornsson PL OK
12 Alfred the Great and the Vikings  aerikbjornsson PL OK
13 Names Applied to the Vikings  aerikbjornsson PL OK
14 Struggle Between Norsemen and Danes in Ireland  aerikbjornsson PL OK
15 The Viking Expeditions Eastward. Founding of the Russian Kingdom. The Varangians in Constantinople  aerikbjornsson PL OK
16 Life and Culture in the Viking Age  aerikbjornsson PL OK
17 Causes of the Viking Expeditions  aerikbjornsson PL OK
18 Towns and Commerce  aerikbjornsson PL OK
19 Dress, Houses, Food, and Drink  aerikbjornsson PL OK
20 Religion and Literature  aerikbjornsson PL OK
21 Early Social Conditions in Norway  aerikbjornsson PL OK
22 The Origin of the Yngling Dynasty  aerikbjornsson PL OK
23 Harald Haarfagre. Unification of Norway  aerikbjornsson PL OK
24 Events Outside of Norway. The Norse Colonial Empire. The Orkney and Shetland Islands  aerikbjornsson PL OK
25 Iceland and the Faroe Islands  aerikbjornsson PL OK
26 Finmarken  aerikbjornsson PL OK
27 Normandy and the Normans  aerikbjornsson PL OK
28 The Norse Colonies in Great Britain and Ireland  aerikbjornsson PL OK
29 The Fall of the Kingdom of York  aerikbjornsson PL OK
30 The Battle of Brunanburh  aerikbjornsson PL OK
31 The Last Years of Harald Haarfagre's Reign  aerikbjornsson PL OK
32 Eirik Blood-Ax  aerikbjornsson PL OK
33 Haakon the Good  aerikbjornsson PL OK
34 The Sons of Eirik Blood-Ax. Haakon Jarl the Leader of the Aristocracy. Loss of National Unity and Independence  aerikbjornsson PL OK
35 Olaf Tryggvason. The Introduction of Christianity in Norway  aerikbjornsson PL OK
36 Introduction of Christianity in the Faroe Islands and Iceland  aerikbjornsson PL OK
37 The Discovery and Colonization of Greenland  aerikbjornsson PL OK
38 The Discovery of the Mainland of North America  aerikbjornsson PL OK
39 The Downfall of the Viking Dominion in Ireland. The Battle of Clontarf  aerikbjornsson PL OK
40 The Norsemen in the Hebrides and in the Isle of Man  aerikbjornsson PL OK
41 The Norsemen in Scotland  aerikbjornsson PL OK
42 Conditions in Norway During the Reign of the Jarls Eirik and Svein  aerikbjornsson PL OK
43 Olav Haraldsson or Olav the Saint  aerikbjornsson PL OK
44 Foreign Relations  aerikbjornsson PL OK
45 King Olav Establishes Christianity in Norway. His Laws and Administration  aerikbjornsson PL OK
46 Norway Under Danish Overlordship. The Battle of Stiklestad. King Olav the Saint  aerikbjornsson PL OK
47 Magnus the Good. The Union of Norway and Denmark  aerikbjornsson PL OK
48 The Reign of Harald Haardraade  aerikbjornsson PL OK
49 The Second Conquest of England  aerikbjornsson PL OK
50 Olav Kyrre. The Period of Peace  aerikbjornsson PL OK
51 The Revival of the Viking Spirit. Magnus Barefoot  aerikbjornsson PL OK
52 The Norwegian Coat of Arms  aerikbjornsson PL OK
53 Norway Participates in the Crusades. Eystein Magnusson and Sigurd the Crusader  aerikbjornsson PL OK
54 King Eystein Magnusson's Reign. The Acquisition of Jæmtland  aerikbjornsson PL OK
55 The Reign of King Sigurd the Crusader  aerikbjornsson PL OK
56 The Period of Civil Wars. Magnus the Blind, Harald Gille, and Sigurd Slembediakn  aerikbjornsson PL OK
57 The Inner Organization and Growth of the Church of Norway  aerikbjornsson PL OK
58 Ragnvald Jarl's Crusade  aerikbjornsson PL OK
59 The Second Stage of Civil Wars. The Rule of Erling Skakke and Magnus Erlingsson  aerikbjornsson PL OK
60 The English Conquest of Ireland. Events in the Colonies  aerikbjornsson PL OK
61 Sverre Sigurdsson and the Birkebeiner  aerikbjornsson PL OK
62 King Sverre's Reign  aerikbjornsson PL OK
63 Birkebeiner and Bagler. King Sverre and Pope Innocent III  aerikbjornsson PL OK
64 King Sverre's Immediate Successors  aerikbjornsson PL OK
65 King Haakon Haakonsson and Skule Jarl  aerikbjornsson PL OK
66 King Haakon's Coronation. Colonial Affairs  aerikbjornsson PL OK
67 Crusades and Crusaders  aerikbjornsson PL OK
68 The Annexation of Iceland and Greenland  aerikbjornsson PL OK
69 Haakon Haakonsson's Expedition to the Hebrides. The Close of the Reign  aerikbjornsson PL OK
70 Literature and Culture in the Age of Haakon Haakonsson  aerikbjornsson PL OK
71 Magnus Haakonsson Lagabøter. A New System of Jurisprudence  aerikbjornsson PL OK
72 The Growth of Trade and the Origin of a Distinct Commercial Policy  aerikbjornsson PL OK
73 The Reign of Eirik Magnusson  aerikbjornsson PL OK
74 Haakon Magnusson the Elder. The Change of Norway's Foreign Policy  aerikbjornsson PL OK