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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Book One, Chapter I  Lynnet 23:34 Listen PL OK
2 Book One, Chapter II  MaryAnnSpiegel 14:42 Listen PL OK
3 Book One, Chapter III  MaryAnnSpiegel 33:16 Listen PL OK
4 Book One, Chapter IV  MaryAnnSpiegel 19:57 Listen PL OK
5 Book One, Chapter V  MaryAnnSpiegel 45:51 Listen PL OK
6 Book One, Chapter VI  MrsHand 39:50 Listen PL OK
7 Book One, Chapter VII  MrsHand 28:43 Listen PL OK
8 Book One, Chapter VIII  MrsHand 20:34 Listen PL OK
9 Book Two, Chapter I  MrsHand 33:46 Listen PL OK
10 Book Two, Chapter II  MrsHand Assigned
11 Book Two, Chapter III  MrsHand Assigned
12 Book Two, Chapter IV  MrsHand Assigned
13 Book Two, Chapter V   Open
14 Book Two, Chapter VI   Open
15 Book Two, Chapter VII   Open
16 Book Two, Chapter VIII  2839reader 16:30 Listen PL OK
17 Book Three, Chapter I  2839reader 26:57 Listen PL OK
18 Book Three, Chapter II   Open
19 Book Three, Chapter III   Open
20 Book Three, Chapter IV   Open
21 Book Three, Chapter V   Open
22 Book Three, Chapter VI   Open
23 Book Three, Chapter VII   Open
24 Book Three, Chapter VIII   Open
25 Book Three, Chapter IX   Open